What drives guests to be promoters of your brand?

In previous research conducted, we’ve seen that the Net Promoter Score has a positive correlation to a hotel’s TripAdvisor rating.

Of course that makes sense, a positive review would hopefully tie in with someone willing to recommend your hotel to a friend or colleague but following from that, we decided to delve a bit further – what exactly is driving your guests to be promoters or detractors?

Our analytics team looked into a huge number of responses and analysed their outcome to find some fascinating conclusions.

Firstly, how do we find out if a guest is a promoter, passive or detractor?

Using the famous Net Promoter Score, hoteliers are able to ask guests “How likely are you to recommend [hotel name] to a friend or colleague?” guests can answer this question using an 11-point scale (0-10 – see below) and are then asked a follow-up question, depending on the score given:

If scored between 10-9:
“Thanks for your feedback, we’re glad to hear you’re happy! If you were recommending [hotel name] to a friend, what one reason would you give them?”

If scored between 8-7:
“If one aspect of your experience with [hotel name] could’ve been better, what would it be?”

If scored between 6-0:
“What was missing or disappointing in your experience with [hotel name]?”


Using the score and answers combined from over 5,000 responses, we were able to analyse every response and determine what factors impacted the scores that were given. These findings provide hotel managers with an understanding of the main reasons hotel guests recommend, stay passive, or recommend against staying at a property:

What do promoters look for?

Through an analysis of what guests have explicitly stated while completing their surveys, we were able to identify why guests might recommend a hotel and therefore become a promoter. We found the following:

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