How the digital world has affected the luxury hotel industry

The increasing standard of living, high disposable income and a growing hunger for excellence among global travelers has given the luxury hotel industry a list of erudite guests, who have traveled the world and understood what luxury stands for. There is not just a high demand towards service excellence, but hotels are also noticing that their clientele is younger than ever before. With the boom of the start-up culture and the corporate world grooming younger leaders and CEO, people are reaching the height of their careers at a much younger age.

The millennials, who are champions at social media, come from an age where luxury is no longer seen as rather as a constant endeavor to raise the bar of every aspect that touches the senses. This has placed great responsibility on hotel companies. The bar is no longer to “exceed customer expectation” or meet “customer delight.” Rather the new wow is “customer ecstasy – the unparalleled!”

Technology has brought drastic changes to our lifestyles, and the hotel industry sells exactly that, it brings in an experience and an expectation where every aspect that touches the senses of a guest is perfectly groomed. The lights are never dimmed – the show is always on.

In this digital age, nothing is left untouched by technology. It has the power to make or break your global market. It strokes the traveler’s journey right from the decision-making process to expressing his experience post his departure. Technology has given every guest his voice to share with his fellow global traveler the breakdown or the wow in the hotels CSP – Customer Satisfaction Philosophy.

Processes have been altered, and hotels have been revamped to give way to the digital age. Moving past the basic in-room necessities, it is indeed not uncommon to see a digitally controlled stay experience with IPOD control panels, interactive mirror TVs, IPAD menu selections, bookings apps and new age tech-TVs. The industry has welcomed technology with open arms and has set about trying to incorporate it in a manner that guarantees the highest quality of experience for its clientele and a competitive edge.

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