Why Personalized Pricing Is So Popular Right Now?

Personalized pricing takes dynamic pricing a step further to better tailor its customer’s real needs. Using this approach shows some advantages for both

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Around the Globe Hotel Profit Perks Up, Just Not in Europe

The U.S. hotel industry was in need of a month like February. For Europe, it was another in a string of profitability pain. NB: This is an article from HotStats […]

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video thumbnail beonprice who are we interview with emilio galan

Beonprice “Who are We?” – In conversation with Emilio Galán

Emilio introduces us to Beonprice, it’s solutions, their core differentiators and how their aim is to empower Revenue Managers through their solution

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Pricing Flexibility on the Road to Recovery. Act Fast

For such unpredictable times we have now you should choose the right pricing strategy and have an option to change it easily and quickly when needed

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Why Segment is First Step to Creating More Personalized experiences for guests

Hotel Market Segments: Want to Know Which Generate Most Revenue?

Hoteliers that succeed with hotel market segmentation do several things well. They define the market segments for their property and which contribute most

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Why Hoteliers Need to Rethink Their Room Pricing Strategy

As the hotel industry begins taking steps to reinvent itself, hoteliers will need to rethink their pricing strategy to see profitability of bookings return

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hotel breakeven video thumbnail to evaluate revenue strategies

Using Hotel Breakeven to Evaluate Recovery Revenue Strategies (Pt2)

We look at cost implications and revenue opportunities these create and how, by understanding breakeven and modelling, you can see if they are profitable

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The Pivot to Running Leaner Hotels Has Been Swift.

The lean hotels of the future will be the perfect balance of revenue and expense to produce optimal profitability. You can’t pay rent with RevPAR

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Price Driven Recovery Would be a ‘Terrible Move’ for Travel

A price driven recovery from the Covid crisis would be a “terrible move” because customers are willing to spend more on travelling “better”

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Vaccination Roll Out Progress Ensures Continued Positivity

Most markets are continuing to show modest signs of positivity in terms of pick up and web traffic as vaccination roll outs continue across the globe

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