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thumbnail image for who are we discussion with new revenue hub expert partner howsmyrate

New Expert Partner: Howsmyrate

Kris Introduces us to Howsmyrate, their core solution, cost effectiveness and customization flexibility through the utilisation of Google Data Studio

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thumbnail for coffee time discussion with glen coben and jacqueline villamil of strategic solution partners about how design can drive revenue and profitability in an f&b outlet

How Design Can Drive Revenue and Profitability in an F&B Outlet

In this discussion we look at an F&B design case study which increased guest experience, improved value proposition and impacted revenue generation and cost

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video thumbnail for coffee time chat with erik munoz of lybra about unified decision data for hotel revenue and digital marketing teams

Value of Unified Decision Data for Revenue and Digital Marketing

In this conversation we explore the value of unified decision data for both hotel revenue management and digital marketing teams

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youtube thumbnail for a video discussion about marriage of revenue and marketing with stephanie at cogwheel marketing and connor at topline revenue

The Marriage of Revenue Management and Marketing

Stephanie and Connor look at areas where revenue management and marketing can work together in a blissfully happy marriage of knowledge and expertise

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thumbnail image for who are we discussion with new revenue hub expert partner strategic solutions partners

New Expert Partner: Strategic Solution Partners

We are delighted to welcome Strategic Solution Partners as an Expert Partner of Revenue Hub and hear more about the organisation

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michael goldrich the hotels network video interview thumbnail for coffee time discussion about thoughts on hotel direct bookings now and future

Thoughts to Drive Hotel Direct Bookings Both Now and Future

Michael talks about how the hotel sector should be leveraging the direct booking desire and also outlines 3 digital marketing trends hoteliers consider

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thumbnail image of coffee time discussion with apo demirtas of hoteliq about the way hotels forecast, why it is done wrong and is outdated

Why the Way Hotels Forecast is Wrong and Outdated

Welcome to another of our Coffee Time chats. Today we talk about the way Hotels Forecast and why the current method is wrong and outdated

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video thumbnail image for discussion about hotel technology and the fear of change or fear of missing out

Hotel Technology: Fear of Change or Fear of Missing Out

Today we talk about Hotel Technology, it’s value to hoteliers and why there is still some resistance to get on board. We touch on a number of core topics:

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thimbnail image for coffee time discussion with connor vanderholm about starting a revenue management consultancy

Thinking of Becoming a Revenue Management Consultant?

We consider are you looking to replace your previous corporate life with a revenue consultancy ‘job and salary’ or looking to build a consultancy business

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video thumbnail of coffee time chat with javier delgado of mirai about the need for hotels to evolve fast or suffer in the future

Hotels Must Evolve Fast – It Will Be a Tough Future Otherwise

We touch on a number of topics with a mood of optimism that travel will return, whilst realising hotels can be short-sighted and have short memories

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