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Simple Ideas and Steps to Improve your Direct Booking (Part 1)

In part 1 we explore the challenge to drive and convert more direct booking business, what are some basic errors made and ultimately, is it worth it?

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lock under showing hotels are opening for business and can start driving revenue

Revenue Management after Covid-19 Lockdown: What hoteliers need to know for the upturn

It provides insight into planning and forecasting from a revenue management perspective, the foreseeable behaviour of different markets and resulting action

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video with adrienne hanna of right revenue asking has the role of the revenue manager really evolved

Has the Role of the Revenue Manager Really Evolved?

In today’s video we are joined by Adrienne Hanna, Founder of Right Revenue Our discussion covers a number of areas with the intention of trying to explore if the role […]

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Hotel Messaging as we Re-Open and Move Towards a ‘Cookie’ Free World

We discuss CRM importance to ensure your messaging is really targeted to your different personas and relevance as we move to a ‘cookie’ free world in 2023

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You Tube Thumbnail showing discussion with apaleo about how hotel technology can help drive recovery

How Hotel Technology can Help Drive Recovery

We talk with Alan O’Riordan about how hotel technology can help drive the recovery, with hotels exiting in a much leaner, efficient and productive way

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dan skodol and trevor grant talk recovery strategy and revenue forecasting

Crisis Recovery Shape, Strategy Considerations and Revenue Forecasting

We talk with Dan Skodol of Cendyn about post crisis recovery shapes, scenario startegy planning and the importance of revenue forecasting as we exit

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Meeting Survival Pack and How Hotel Meetings Might Change Post Crisis

Meetings Survival Pack and How Hotel Meetings Might Change Post Crisis

In this episode we talk with Niki Van den Broeck and Peter Bauer from Get Into MoRe. We discuss 2 topics, the first is how the hotel meeting sector might […]

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No New Normal for Hotel Distribution Time for Hoteliers to Decide

No New Normal for Hotel Distribution: Time for Hoteliers to Decide

We talk with Pablo Delgardo of mirai. Pablo explains why there will be ‘No New Normal’ for hotel distribution and how it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate their strategy and direct booking approach

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Hotel Digital Checklist for Temporary Closure

Temporary Closure Digital Checklist for Hotels

In this video we are talking with Stephanie Smith as she takes us through her 8 point digital checklist for Hotels where they need to temporarily close or suspend operations

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How Hotels Can Work with the Crisis and Prepare for the Future

How Hotels Can Work with the Crisis and Prepare for the Future

In this podcast we talk with Veit Meier and Till Benthien, from berner+becker, about how hotels can work through the crisis and prepare for the future – which will eventually come

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