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HiJiffy – “Who Are We”: In Conversation with Tiago Araújo

Through our conversation you will hear more about HJiffy, as we dig deeper into the backstory of how the company came about and the reasons for starting it

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What Do You Need to Do to Get a Guest to Return?

Understanding guest behavior is the foundation of any effective guest retention strategy. As is recognizing the diverse reasons for travel and preferences

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9 Ways to Build a Guest-Centric Hotel

A guest-centric hotel (or a customer-centric operation) prioritizes guest needs and satisfaction over everything else. NB: This is an article from Mews It’s all about creating a personalized experience for guests to […]

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Artificial Intelligence: New Frontier for Elevating the Guest Experience?

Without a doubt, AI has made a significant impact on the hospitality industry, and it brings a lot of value in terms of enhancing the guest experience

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Boosting Hotel Revenue: 7 Innovative Techniques and Strategies

Unlock revenue growth in your hotel or lodging business with strategies like personalization, technology, targeted marketing, upselling, and more.

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The Psychology of Luxury Travel: Key to Attracting Affluent Customers

Like with any demographic, luxury travel shoppers require a dedicated approach to drive the consumer from consideration to purchase.

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5 paper boats of different colours with one in front reflecting the need for hoteliers to go beyond rates with creative revenue management strategies

Growth Beyond Rates: 5 Creative Revenue Management Strategies

By incorporating these creative revenue strategies, you can boost your hotel’s bottom line but also create memorable guest experiences

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hotel reception and 3 stars on the front desk, possibly reflecting the quality of the offering and guest reviews

5 Tips for Reducing Waiting Times at Hotel Reception

By applying these tips, you can put an end to long queues at the reception and, above all, ensure your guests arrive and leave your hotel with a smile

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Benefits of Focused Market Segmentation in Hotels

Not all market segmentation approaches are created equal. Precision and focus in defining market segments are paramount to excelling in the hotel industry

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Generative AI in Hospitality: The Key to Personalized Experiences

Potential of Generative AI to improve marketing ROI in travel sectors is enormous. We expect its adoption to be quicker than the shift to the internet

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