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person about to tick a box possibly on a hotel satisfaction survey illustrating the importance of these surveys to improve services

Satisfaction Surveys: Best Questions to Ask Your Hotel Guests

Satisfaction surveys not only assess your guests’ overall experience, but play a crucial role in gathering valuable information to improve services

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4 Reasons to Understand the Importance of Being Multi-Channel

Adopting a multi-channel communication strategy, shows your brand values guests’ preferences and you are committed to providing excellent customer service

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Spreading The Love: Responding to Your Hotel’s Guest Feedback

As necessary as responding to guest reviews is to a hotel and its business, it does take a significant amount of dedicated time that may not be available

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The Huge Disconnect Between Brand Motto and Guest Experience

Are you relying only on guest surveys and reviews, which we all know are skewed and biased? Or do you have leaders observe, score, and coach guest service?

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How to Respond to a Negative Hotel Guest Review

Responding to and preventing a negative hotel review is complex and requires a combination of responsiveness, empathy, and proactive measures

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Mastering Guest Retention: The Key to Long Term Success

Guest retention not only signifies guest satisfaction but also leads to more stable revenue streams and enhanced brand reputation

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person talking into a mobile phone possibly taking advantage of a hotel voice assistants or voicebots

Hotel Voice Assistants: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Voice assistants for hotels aim to provide the best possible user experience, allowing guests to ask questions without having to type them

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Customer Insights: How Feedback Drives Quality in the Hotel Industry

Customer feedback plays a crucial role in shaping business decisions, driving improvements, and building a strong reputation

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5 Tactics for Better Guest Communication

Good guest communication is crucial for hoteliers as it has a significant impact on a hotel’s reputation, guest satisfaction, and ultimately, its revenue

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guest requesting different room options illustrating the ways hotels can have impactful guest interactions pre arrival

Are Your Most Impactful Guest Interactions Happening Pre-Arrival?

Hotels that invest are better placed not only to meet but exceed guest expectations, fostering lasting satisfaction and loyalty in a competitive industry

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