5 Doors Data Can Open for Hoteliers

With both historical and forward-looking booking data in hand, guesswork is removed, making hotel management easier and less stressful for all

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GDS vs. Channel Manager: Which is Right for Your Hotel?

In the realm of hotel distribution and connectivity, two essential tools are often in the spotlight: GDS vs Channel Manager

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Tripadvisor Launches New Enhanced Marketing Text

Tripadvisor Enhanced Marketing Text is a new feature that enables advertisers to display custom marketing text on the hotel list and details pages

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dials on a car showing speed and revs reflecting importance for a hotel to understand how to measure the performance of their direct channel

Measuring the Performance of Your Direct Channel

Wrong decisions are made when hotels consider “share of direct channel out of the total revenue” as the only KPI to understand how the channel is doing

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Why Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) Matter for Hotels

Calculating customer acquisition costs is challenging. Costs are often distributed across departments and vary by channel

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booking.com name in neon lights

Booking.com: Once Again the OTA Wins and You Lose

Two of these confusing visibility boosters are the “free room upgrade” and “free breakfast” by Booking.com. Do you know how they work?

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image with ice berg reflecting the potential impacts of ignoring your hotel price competitiveness in discussion with pablo sanchez of mirai

The Potential Impacts of Ignoring Your Hotel Price Competitiveness

In this discussion we change tack a little and look at possible medium to long term implications of not addressing your hotel price competitiveness

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How controlling your hotel pricing could increase bookings by 34% mirai video discussion thumbnail

How Controlling Your Hotel Pricing Could Increase Bookings by 34%

Pablo outlines concisely, how losing control of your pricing could mean hoteliers missing out on a potential 34% increase in bookings

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Crucial Online Distribution Channels for the Hotel Industry

We explore various types of online distribution that every hotel should embrace to maintain their prominence in the eyes of potential guests

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CRS Quickly Becoming Central Hub of Hotel Distribution Strategy

In today’s complex distribution landscape, more hotel companies are transitioning to a CRS-centric strategy to leverage the advantages

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