one girl telling the truth to another girl in much the same way this article tells the truth about Google Performance Max (PMax)

8 Tips to Improve Your OTA Conversion Rates

Boosting page ranking organically involves maintaining a high conversion rate, which OTAs favor when determining a hotel’s page position

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Why Hotels Should Ride the GDS Wave in 2024

Beneath the surface, GDS holds strategic advantages. It translates into wider market visibility, specifically targeting the coveted corporate segment

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How to Set Up Google Ads Hotel Brand Protection Campaigns

A brand protection campaign might not fail due to poor execution; it could simply be distribution or revenue issues making direct channels less appealing

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trivago logo for mirai article about their new net cpa on consumption offering

Trivago Introduces its New Net CPA on Consumption

The new Net CPA on Consumption model is an improvement by trivago in line with what hotels are looking for: visibility and reservations with a guaranteed return

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A Deep Dive into Hotel Booking Sources

The source of a reservation is known as its booking source, and all booking sources fall into one of two primary categories: direct and indirect sources

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8 Best Hotel eCommerce Strategies

Typical eCommerce includes online travel agents and agencies, booking engines, metasearch, and other third-party sites selling hotel rooms

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Top 10 Global Hotel Booking Channels for 2023 Revealed

Booking.com, Agoda and Traveloka continue to hold the top three positions, bringing in the highest revenue for partner hotels

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car with lights streaking by reflecting the importance for hotels to keep up with the pace of change in traveler behavior

6 Strategies to Keep PACE With Changing Traveler Behavior

Hotel Leaders must be ready for a seismic shift in traveler behavior that affects everything from demand and distribution patterns to length of stay

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How to Drive Bookings along the Path to Purchase

The average path to purchase length – from when a traveler starts thinking about taking a trip to when they book – is 71 days (more than two months!)

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european union flags reflecting the driving force between the digital markets act DMA

Digital Markets Act (DMA), What Does This Mean For Your Hotel?

The Digital Markets Act has the potential to rebalance the relationship with OTAs, thanks to greater control over their online distribution

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