Which benefits will turn your lookers into direct bookers?

We’ve seen a lot of hotels go live with our Direct Booking Platform – around 17,000 at the last count. And that means we’ve seen thousands of different offers that hotels around the world use to entice their guests to book direct.

From the mundane to the marvellous, we’ve seen them all. If you’re looking for the perfect benefit to add to your website, you don’t need to look any further than this A-Z of direct booking benefits – updated regularly with the newest, quirkiest ideas.

The Triptease A-Z of Direct Booking Benefits


Airport shuttle

A godsend for young families and business travellers alike, the free airport shuttle is a classic benefit that’s not to be sniffed at.


Bicycles for every guest

Whether you’re up in the mountains or slap bang in the midst of a city, bikes have a universal appeal. Bike tours and excursions are on the rise, with price-savvy guests looking for cheap ways to get around on vacation. If you’ve got the resource to offer it, free access to bikes is a real winner for young travellers.

Butler on call 24/7

The success of British drama series Downton Abbey sparked a mini ‘butler boom’ across the hotel industry, and we’ve seen hotels offer their butler service free when guests book direct. But offer this benefit with caution: service industry purists will tell you that just putting a waiter in a nice jacket does not a butler make.


Cellphone with local data and calls

We’re already seeing this benefit offered in hundreds of hotels, and for good reason. There’s nothing more valuable to today’s guest than staying connected, and free wifi just doesn’t cut it any more. Services like handy and GuestU allow you to keep your guests online – and happy.

Champagne sabrage

A hotel we work with offers every direct booker the chance to slice open a bottle of Champagne with a sword. It’s a perfect direct booking benefit – not something a guest will be expecting as standard, and completely unique to the hotel.

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