two people being quirky and fun reflecting ways hotels can handle guest reviews

Not sure how to handle funny or quirky guest reviews? Read this article to get 4 best ways to reply to feedback that stands out from the crowd.

NB: This is an article from TrustYou

Every hotel has experienced at least one funny or quirky situation involving their guests. Afterall, an industry for the people, by the people will always have its share of stories that surpass the ordinary in a good or a bad way.

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For this article, we have selected 4 reviews that stand out from the crowd either through their writing style, or by a quirky situation they describe. 

When replying to this type of feedback, make sure to stay calm and as objective as possible. Here are some of our recommendations to reply to different types of funny or quirky reviews:

  1. When funny guest reviews describe an issue.

Even if humor is used, in this situation, the feedback refers to issues happening in your hotel – so focusing on identifying and solving those issues beyond the funny aspect is essential. Make sure to apologize, address the issues and invite the guest back. 

I would have given the vacation a better review but my last 3 days were made hellish by the Butlers...Have you ever felt stalked, like a shadow was on you, a stain that couldn’t be removed, an ex that couldn’t accept the breakup, a parasite nipping at an open wound? You can’t even have a proper siesta in the afternoon, because the Butlers are hanging around the building, shouting to one another in the halls. The last day, the Butler kept harassing us, trying to get us to move rooms at 10 am! She kept coming to the door for one trumped up reason or another and sometimes when she didn’t get a response, called us on the phone like a psycho (letting it ring 30 times because she always knew our whereabouts and knew we were there).
No matter how funny the feedback is, it points at a real issue happening in your hotel.
When Funny Reviews Describe An Issue Response
Focus on identifying and solving the issues.

2. When funny guest reviews are confusing.

If you haven’t heard about powdered eggs – don’t worry, you’re not the only one 🙂 In this particular case, powdered most likely refers to the quality of the meal served. Make sure to address that in your review and with your kitchen staff. Don’t focus just on a single word – try to see the big picture or issue, in this case.

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