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It’s no secret that social media is creating quite a buzz in the marketing world as people move to leverage social sharing, personal recommendations and the bump in search engine optimization that comes from a well-crafted campaign. Yet with social media gaining so much traction, is it wise to scale back on email marketing to put more resources towards social channels? Not everyone seems to think so.

Social Media Marketing


Research shows that 48.9 percent of marketing professionals plan to increase their spending in social media marketing efforts. But what do they expect to gain from this?

For one, most marketers agree that social media has a much higher engagement rate than email does. By sharing content on social channels, companies can see much higher traffic on their blogs and websites. If the goal is to bring people into these properties to give them information, build a stronger brand or establish your company as a thought leader, then this type of engagement is essential.

Social media also has the ability to take content viral. Hardly anyone shares a marketing email with their friends and family but content shared on social media is frequently reposted, retweeted and passed along to others. Not only is it put in front of a larger audience, but it gets seen by other targeted eyes. People share content with others they think may want to see it, others who have the same interests that they do so you are reaching more of your targeted demographic this way. This also gives you the opportunity to be seen by people who have not engaged with you in the past. With email, your reach is generally limited to your list.

Social media content is also more evergreen. A post may be shared months after it went live keeping the returns coming in for a much longer period of time. If you create content that is still relevant you have the ability to continue to bring in successful returns while you are working on subsequent campaigns.

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