Revenue Management Leadership

While the hospitality industry has an ongoing need for managers at all levels, the need is even greater for revenue managers who possess the long-term mindset, capabilities and operational understanding.

The revenue management role can be distinguished by the following behaviours:

  • Leadership
  • Communication skills
  • Vision

For RMs it’s about a continued team approach. The revenue leader must point the way and by doing so, demonstrate that success is worth the risk. A key trait of an effective revenue leader is that they must not only be good with analytics, but must also be effective influencers in sales, marketing and operations.

Managers who are likely to move into true leadership roles understand the value of cultivating interpersonal relationships. These relationships exist between staff and guests and also among all staff members. This helps unite a team in the common goal of delivering the optimal guest experience based on service and mutual respect.

Communication Skills

Leaders of the future must be effective communicators:

  • They need to be able to clearly communicate the revenue strategy to all level of staff in the hotel be they the operations team or the sales and marketing team.
  • They need to be practical and deliver step-by-step plans that all hotel staff members will understand and embrace

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