RevPAR vs GOPPAR and Why We Need a New Champ

I have been around awhile and it’s not like I’m ancient or anything, but I have seen some BIG changes in how we as an industry look at numbers and […]

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4 glass jars filling up with coins reflecting how hotels should consider developing sustainability plans to help drive future revenue and profits

Hospitality Financial Leadership: Understanding RevPAR & RevPAR Index

RevPAR and RevPAR index are different and I’m going to explain them both in this article. NB: This is an article by David Lund, founder of The Hotel Financial Coach […]

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How your OTA pricing model mix can distort important stats like RevPAR

RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) is one of your hotel’s most important performance metrics. Yet while commonly used and heavily relied upon, it’s a metric that isn’t without its faults. […]

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How the Composition of RevPAR Growth Impacts Changes in Profits

To project changes in profits we obviously need to look at the expected relative changes in revenues and expenses. Profit growth can only be realized when the dollar value of […]

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GOPPAR Levels Hit 2017 Low in US Hotels Due to Summer Slump

Despite recording a 0.6-percent increase in RevPAR, GOPPAR at hotels in the USA fell to a year-to-date low of $71.01 in August as demand levels slowed during the summer, according […]

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