Hotel 101: What Is GOPPAR and Why Does It Matter?

For hotels, the GOPPAR benchmarking metric bridges the gap between what your hotel makes and how much you’re putting into operations. You can use it to build a detailed hotel operational strategy.

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Can GOPPAR be an Alternative to RevPAR for Hotel Performance?

GOPPAR gives greater insight into the actual performance of a hotel than the most commonly used RevPAR as it considers revenues generated but also operational costs related to such revenues

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What is the Best Revenue Metric? Is ADR and RevPar Enough?

As Revenue Professionals, we all understand the power of numbers. We love data, we live for data and often we can drown in data… NB: This is an article from […]

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The Definitive Guide to Calendar Shifts and US RevPAR

Looking back at the last 19 years of data, we feel that we can estimate the calendar-shift impact with some precision and estimate the demand and RevPAR impact on monthly performance results

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3 Reasons You Can’t Trust RevPAR

RevPAR has been the most widely used metric for benchmarking performance in the hospitality industry. But its simplicity and straightforwardness conceal its faults and limitations.

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Tourism Up: So Why Is New York’s Hotel RevPAR Slumping?

Cloudy RevPAR forecasts, in the face of what promises to be an economic recession in the U.S., have hotel operators and developers wary of when the city’s hospitality market will rebound.

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Why There Is More Than Just Analyzing RevPAR Index

If the RevPAR index and the ARI are below 100 with a high MPI, it means that the property is forfeiting revenue by missing the opportunity to fill rooms at a higher rate.

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What Is TRevPAR (Definition and Why It Matters)?

RevPAR calculates revenue derived from rooms; TRevPAR calculates revenue from every nook and cranny. Therefore, it provides a big picture view, allowing for operational adjustments to be made.

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Hospitality Financial Leadership: Understanding RevPAR & RevPAR Index

RevPAR and RevPAR index are different and I’m going to explain them both in this article. NB: This is an article by David Lund, founder of The Hotel Financial Coach […]

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