Why Hotels Need to Shift from RevPAR to NetRevPAR

We examine risks of having a myopic focus on RevPAR and explore how a balanced approach can lead to long-term success and customer satisfaction

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How to Maximize Hotel TRevPAR

Now that we understand how TRevPAR works and why it’s an important metric, let’s explore ways to increase and enhance it!

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TrevPAR and It’s Impact on the Future of Hospitality

While everyone agrees that TrevPAR is an important metric for benchmarking against competing hotels, decisions aren’t made off of TrevPAR

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Hotel Market Shows Continued Resilience with Focus on Luxury

The hospitality sector, in particular, is sensitive to current challenges in the broader economy: rising interest rates, higher inflation and a tight labor market. NB: This is an article from […]

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Hotels Move Beyond RevPAR For Comprehensive Business Intelligence

While RevPAR remains a useful metric, it must be considered alongside others to gain a more comprehensive understanding of a hotel’s financial performance

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man standing in front of calculations and algorithms reflecting the multi levels of hotel revenue and how important it is that the revenue manager and general manager work in synch

Total Revenue: Definition, How to Calculate and Examples

Because total revenue definition takes into account every revenue stream, you should also include the following additional revenue metrics in your strategy

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pie graph with a slice separated slightly reflecting the relevance of goppar as a hotel metric and it's value above and beyond revpar

Why Aren’t Hoteliers Talking About the Most Valuable Metric: GOPPAR?

The metric we should pay attention to is GOPPAR because it’s the funds a hotelier has to work with. Why doesn’t GOPPAR have its own index like RevPAR does?

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What Can RevPAR Tell You and How to Use It Effectively

RevPAR is a valuable metric for measuring a hotel’s financial performance and market position, but it should not be used in isolation

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music event is the basis of mega events that have high impact on fuelling high hotel RevPAR

MEGA Events: High Impact Events Fuelling High RevPAR

Strong leisure travel with many high impact events are fuelling a high RevPAR in those destinations, where typical business destinations are yet to recover

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man standing by a board with graphs and charts reflecting the purpose of revenue management and how to implement it

Focus on These Hotel Revenue Management KPIS to Increase Profitability

Which hotel revenue management KPIs should you focus on more so than others? We’ll touch on seven KPIs that you want to track for your hotel

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