money and a stopwatch reflecting the positive value last minute bookings can bring to a hotel

Why Last Minute Bookings Can Be Gold

The era of the perfect booking window is behind us. It’s time to welcome the dynamic, unpredictable, yet highly rewarding world of last minute bookings

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person with keyboard and graphs reflecting the power ai first business intelligence and analytics technology can have on hotel operations

Conversion Rate Doesn’t Matter, Revenue Does

There is a direct relationship between conversion rate, visits, and reservations numbers, and the higher any of these numbers are, more reservations result

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The Blueprint for a Top-Tier Hotel Reservation Team

Your reservation team can coordinate closely with management, offering essential real-world data for forecasting availability, sales and staffing needs

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Using Business on the Books in Complete Benchmarking Approach

Hotel owners and operators are best positioned for success when they measure their business from every angle. That is why no benchmarking experience can be considered comprehensive without frequent insight […]

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Managing Hotel Suites for Optimal Revenue

Hoteliers often upgrade their highest-paying guests or loyalty members . While this tactic can help maximize room occupancy, it’s not the most revenue maximizing option

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An Independent Hotelier’s Guide to Cancellation Policies

Cancellation policies protect a hotel’s bottom line by preventing last-minute cancellations and no-shows while encouraging client loyalty when booking

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Managing Hotel Overbookings and Cancellations

Discover how hoteliers can optimize room bookings, tackle overbookings, and minimize revenue losses due to cancellations

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Intelligent Hospitality developer and owner of HotelIQ decision cloud announce partnership with Zucchetti North America

Intelligent Hospitality Announces New Partnership with Zucchetti North America

Intelligent Hospitality, developer and owner of HotelIQ Decision Cloud, and Zucchetti North America are proud to announce a new partnership

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5 Ways to Reduce No Shows and Cancellations at your Hotel

A no show hotel reservation is probably a Hotelier’s worst nightmare. Dealing with situations that directly affect your profit margins, is a major challenge

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Hotel Benchmarking: Tips to Maximize RGI, ARI, and MPI

In the ever-evolving hotel industry, strategically benchmarking room revenue cannot be overstated. RGI, ARI, and MPI trio are the beacons guiding hotels

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