The Future Looks Bright for Group Business – Are You Ready?

Meetings shifted into slightly larger categories. This is a sign of recovery as it shows people are getting more comfortable meeting in larger group numbers

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Win More Group Business and Become a Sought-After Wedding Venue

The time has finally come, wedding bells are ringing, and we find ourselves at the precipice of a hectic, long-awaited wedding season

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Cancelations Decline And Group Bookings Lead

The latest Pulse Report, shows continued recovery with group bookings leading the way. Group On-The-Books (OTB) pace is on par with 2019

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What Can Hoteliers Do To Inspire Leisure Travel Over Next Few Months?

It may have been normal to map out business strategies on an annual basis, but the pandemic is changing the travel dynamic too much for it to stay relevant

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get into more video thumbnail about meetings and events business to sell or not to sell

To Sell or Not Sell? Now That Is A Question!

We are posing the question to sell or not to sell, after the last 18 months why are we even asking that question, surely we just take the business?

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topline video image rm and dos butt heads around hotel group business

Hotel Group Business: Where the RM and DoS Butt Heads Unnecessarily

In this discussion we look at one simple area where a hotel property DoS and a Revenue Manager can butt heads where it really isn’t necessary

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As Group and Event Demand Returns Let’s Not Slip Back to “Order-Taking”

Although group and event leads are higher than it was a year ago, demand is still not where it once was, so this is a good time to build new sales habits

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image for video with b+b discussing German hotel market update

German Hotel Market Update, Group Business and Changing Compsets

We reflect on changes in the German hotel market over last 3 months. Touching on different regions, inbound travel, groups business, pricing and compsets

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Small Meetings are Leading the Space Marathon

Small group meetings are happening. Certain industries are coming back to face-to-face meetings and these groups are leading the way for hotel group sales

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Prepare Now For The Return of Groups and Meetings

No hotel revenues have been impacted as dramatically as traditional meetings and events, leading many to wonder whether it will ever return to same levels

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