Hotel Group Business: Elevate Group Travel with Unique Experiences

As group travel continues to evolve, hotels have a unique opportunity to differentiate themselves by offering more than accommodations and meeting spaces

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How to Streamline Your RFP Process for Improved Conversions

A well-responded RFP can lead to a profitable booking but the sheer amount of effort required to sift through numerous unqualified RFPs can be overwhelming

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5 Essential Tips When Selling to Meeting Planners

Here are five ways to have more meaningful, enlightened meeting planner conversations that get attention and increase venue revenue

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Leveraging Data for Boosting Hotel Group Sales

In the complex landscape of hotel group business, leveraging data has become critical in reshaping group sales strategies

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business group at a small hotel venue

Why Group Hotel Bookings are Good for your Small Hotel

Targeting group travellers is an ideal option for your small hotel, because it allows you to maximise your occupancy with one low-cost booking

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Mastering Hotel Group Sales: Strategies to Win the Game

Your revenue management processes should feed itself. Group bookings provide a base that drives up transient rates, in turn driving up group rates

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Think like a Revenue Manager and Increase Your Group Business Profitability

Here are five ways hotel sales teams can bridge the gap with revenue management to set up your group properly for profitability

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Revenue Management Techniques Bringing Back Group Business

Few hoteliers today can claim to reliably predict group travel trends going forward, without access to modern data analytics informed by revenue management

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boat tour reflecting intricate balance for hotels between touroperation and transient guests

Hotel Profitability: Mastering Touroperation Allotment Strategies

Successfully navigating the balance between managing touroperation allotments and safeguarding the transient segment is an intricate endeavour for hotels

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meeting and event space in a hotel reflecting the transformative power of mastering group bookings to drive profitability

Mastering Group Bookings: 4 Steps to Profitability

Group bookings offer a unique opportunity to boost revenue, and with the right strategies, you can make the most of it. Gear up and embrace these steps

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