How Hotel Reception Staff Influence Revenue Management

By recognizing the influence of reception staff, hotels can create exceptional guest experiences, foster loyalty, and achieve their revenue management goals

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Decision Intelligence: Rocco Forte Hotels & HotelIQ Case Study discussion thumbnail image

Decision Intelligence: Rocco Forte Hotels & HotelIQ Case Study

Hi, welcome to another case study discussion. Today we focus on the challenges and rewards of a decision intelligence tool and it’svalue to a hotel commercial operation. To bring their […]

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Hotel Revenue Management: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

we look at four core challenges in revenue management and explore the potential risks posed by each challenge and offer advice for revenue managers and CEOs

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Tackling API and Third-Party PMS Integration Vulnerabilities

As data moves between the hotel PMS and third-party services, it passes through networks which might not be secured, leading to potential interceptions

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Role of Hotel Leadership in Leveraging Data Analytics for Upselling

In order to monitor upselling performance, senior leaders need to determine which key metrics are most important

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maze reflecting the challenge for hotels to navigate hospitality data and the need for a unified approach

Navigating the Maze of Data in Hospitality: A Unified Approach

Unless there is a unified commercial strategy bringing Revenue, Sales, and Marketing departments together, as well as their data, the problem will prevail

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surfers on the face of a wave as it starts to crash down on them reflecting how too much data can sink revenue management efforts

Why Too Much Information Can Sink Revenue Management Efforts

In a world where data is king, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of information. With the right strategies, you can navigate your revenue ship to success

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The Ugly Truth Behind Poor Hotel Data Security

Poor hotel data security isn’t a short-term obstacle, it’s a ticking time bomb with far-reaching consequences that can cripple your hotel

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Collecting Guest Preference Data: Critical Gaps and Discrepancies

What is the right way for hotels to optimize their digital operations and data gathering to deliver personalized and enhance the guest experiences?

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Being Guest Centric: Data Driven Strategies

Being guest centric means understanding and anticipating the needs of the guest, providing solutions before they even experience the problem

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