Make Your Hotel Shine Online This Summer

Summer is coming and tourists want to travel. Make sure your marketing is up to date on all channels to attract guests to your hotel, not the competition

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A Quick Guide to Online Distribution for Independent Hotels

These days, the realm of hotel distribution has evolved with technology to span both the physical and digital worlds – with heavier reliance on the latter

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How to Manage Your Hotel Booking Channels for Maximum Revenue?

Each booking channel has a different cost associated with it and they all reduce the actual revenue which the hotel receives from a room booking

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A Second Wind For Your Distribution Strategy

Designing a winning distribution strategy is not an easy task. It needs to be constantly improved to maximize the profit of the hotel

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5 Hotel Customer Service Performance KPIs to Focus On

Do you know what hotel customer service KPIs (key performance indicators) you should focus on to sell more rooms while providing service excellence?

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person on a laptop possibly booking a room through the hotel website reflecting importance of google ads integration to elevate direct booking

10 Direct Channel KPIs Every Hotelier Needs

Data analytics can help understand direct channel performance, but true value comes from comparing your brand to the market and identifying growth potential

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Commerce Strategies More Holistic: Top Hotel Booking Revenue Makers

A more holistic online commerce strategy, consisting of new and established methods, is being taken by hotels to reach new customers and produce revenue

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train tracks reflecting different distribution challenges that could be helped by a channel manager

Determining Your Hotel’s Channel Strategy Within Koddi

Each brand has different channels and opportunities within Koddi, but most are similar. But, you need to understand WHEN and HOW to use each channel

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Hotel Distribution Jungle 2022 – When Times are Tough, OTAs Get Going

Unhealthy distribution and channel mix, overdependence on only a few players and neglecting the importance of a strategy, can kill faster than a crisis

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person on the phone at hotel front desk managing guest communications for the modern traveler

Everything You Need to Sell Rooms Smarter in 2022

From direct bookings and OTAs to pricing strategies and guest experience, here are four major areas to help build an effective rooms distribution strategy

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