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The Direct Booking Index (DBI) and Why Hoteliers Should be Using It

Using the Direct Booking Index to track how effective your hotel’s direct channel strategy is will encourage your brand to give more focus to direct channel

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Which Channels Drive New Users to Your Hotel Website?

If you want to know where the traffic to your hotel website comes from, the Source/Medium Google Analytics report is the one you need to consult

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Pricing Flexibility on the Road to Recovery. Act Fast

For such unpredictable times we have now you should choose the right pricing strategy and have an option to change it easily and quickly when needed

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How to Build an Omni-Channel Experience for Your Guests

Omni-channel approach focuses on creating multi-channel sales and marketing strategies. Creating a seamless guest experience throughout the guest cycle

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Why Segment is First Step to Creating More Personalized experiences for guests

Hotel Market Segments: Want to Know Which Generate Most Revenue?

Hoteliers that succeed with hotel market segmentation do several things well. They define the market segments for their property and which contribute most

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BenchDirect! The First Benchmarking Product for Direct Booking Channels

The launch of BenchDirect is a natural progression providing hotel brands with a totally new and much more powerful benchmarking tool

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Is Hotel Distribution Winning the Battle to Capture Demand in New Normal

For hotels reviewing their approach to capturing demand in 2021, accessing up to date data from across their hotel will provide a competitive advantage

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Distribution Channels that Brought Greatest Booking Revenue in 2020

Recently unveiled list of distribution channels that brought the greatest hotel booking revenue in 2020 and since the global hotel reset began in April

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Hotel Distribution – Why You Need to be “Agile” as a Hotelier

The need for agile hotel distribution is more important now than ever, as the hotel industry continues to strategize and map out roads to recovery

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With Budgets Tight Hoteliers Must Know Who is Converting Your Traffic

Increasing traffic through further digital marketing campaigns may not be an option and considerably harder due to budget and time limitations

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