hotel distribution seven deadly sins article image by mirai taking inspiration from a drawing by Antonio Manetti depicting hell as described by Dante

The Seven Deadly Sins of Distribution

Following the path of virtuosity in the marketing ecosystem, we must try to avoid temptation and stay away from the seven deadly sins of distribution

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Cost of Customer Acquisition a Key Factor in Hotel Profitability

The cost of hotel customer acquisition is what you pay to acquire a new guest. That includes marketing, reservations and the cost of serving the guest

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Unlock New Revenue Streams With Effective Channel Management

Channel management involves identifying and using the most effective online distribution channels, such as OTAs, direct booking engines, metasearch, etc.

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Using Metasearch to Drive Direct Bookings and Reduce OTA Reliance

There’s a bias to drive direct traffic, which means metasearch gives your property greater exposure than the OTAs to encourage a direct booking

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5 Must Have Hotel Marketing Channels in an Economic Downturn

Let’s look at specific marketing channels every hotel should leverage in an economic downturn. But first, make sure you stay true to your brand

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computer screen with the word distribution reflecting importance of a strategic hotel distribution strategy

Upcoming Challenges in Hotel Distribution That May Interest You

2023 is still quite uncertain. Analyze your current distribution and make sure it is agile. Enhance your direct channels and take control of your prices

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broken piggy bank reflecting the true cost of ota visibility boosters

How Much Are You Losing By Not Controlling Your Hotel Price

How much are you losing by not controlling your prices and allowing other channels to sell cheaper than you do on your own website?

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GDS – Is It Still Relevant For You In 2023?

Hotel marketing experts are unanimous in their opinion that the value GDS brings to a hotel’s distribution mix cannot be ignored

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Top Hotel Distribution Channels Bringing Highest Booking Revenue in 2022

Hoteliers across the board are leveraging both traditional and new channels for a more holistic and dynamic distribution, guest booking and revenue strategy

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4 Ways to Increase GDS Visibility in 2023

If a travel agent is looking to book a hotel in the GDS and your hotel is not there, they will not go to a different website to look for your hotel

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