different sizes of burgers showing different fillings like different upselling options for a hotel

The Many Advantages of Upselling (Revenue, Loyalty, Satisfaction)

What you really need are ways to increase your revenue or cut your costs: upselling is a rare gems that provides just that

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Finding New Revenue Streams for a Big Box Hotel (Case Study)

Whether a hotel’s revenue stagnation is caused by the pandemic, new competition, or something else, take a fresh look at business segments and channels

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man being led by carrots reflecting the value to hotels of driving direct sales rather than relying on OTAs

How to Maintain or Increase Your Direct Sales Quota Post Pandemic

Ensuring your direct sales maintain their quota is in your hands. If you wait for everything to return to normal, OTA’s will be the ones to exploit change.

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computer and dots showing distribution across globe

Three Quick Wins to Optimize Post-Pandemic Hotel Distribution

Central to a sustainable de-risked distribution strategy will be optimizing your distribution health – both in terms of rate integrity and visibility

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person booking hotel direct online via a laptop

Why Direct Selling is Experiencing its Sweetest Moment

Direct selling, both telephone and website, has gained a large share of sales during the pandemic, demonstrating its great sales capacity and resilience

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How Hotels with Nimble Technology Have an Advantage

Hotels are going to fill up; no doubt about that. Properties with the most agile platforms will be most effective at pricing and yielding highest RevPAR

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Direct Booking Index The Hotels Network Thumbnail Image

The Direct Booking Index (DBI) and Why Hoteliers Should be Using It

Using the Direct Booking Index to track how effective your hotel’s direct channel strategy is will encourage your brand to give more focus to direct channel

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Which Channels Drive New Users to Your Hotel Website?

If you want to know where the traffic to your hotel website comes from, the Source/Medium Google Analytics report is the one you need to consult

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Pricing Flexibility on the Road to Recovery. Act Fast

For such unpredictable times we have now you should choose the right pricing strategy and have an option to change it easily and quickly when needed

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How to Build an Omni-Channel Experience for Your Guests

Omni-channel approach focuses on creating multi-channel sales and marketing strategies. Creating a seamless guest experience throughout the guest cycle

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