broken piggy bank reflecting how much revenue hotels could be losing if the are not controlling their prices and letting other channels sell cheaper

How Much Are You Losing By Not Controlling Your Hotel Price

How much are you losing by not controlling your prices and allowing other channels to sell cheaper than you do on your own website?

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GDS – Is It Still Relevant For You In 2023?

Hotel marketing experts are unanimous in their opinion that the value GDS brings to a hotel’s distribution mix cannot be ignored

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Top Hotel Distribution Channels Bringing Highest Booking Revenue in 2022

Hoteliers across the board are leveraging both traditional and new channels for a more holistic and dynamic distribution, guest booking and revenue strategy

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4 Ways to Increase GDS Visibility in 2023

If a travel agent is looking to book a hotel in the GDS and your hotel is not there, they will not go to a different website to look for your hotel

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Understanding Your Best Hotel Distribution Channels is Key for Profit

The right distribution mix for your hotel will depend on who is your target audience, what other hotels in your comp set are doing, and your overall budget

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Why You Should Use Channel Forecasting To Drive Hotel Profits

Effective channel strategy and management require going beyond decision-making using stale growth revenue reports generated at month’s end

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There is No Single “Magic” Distribution Channel

Although hotels can diversify their income streams and realize the potential of ancillary revenue, distribution remains cornerstone of hotel profitability

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blocks being stacked in the same way hotels should build an optimal ota mix in a dynamic distribution environment

How to Build Optimal OTA Mix in a Dynamic Distribution Environment

To build an effective distribution strategy your OTA mix should include a minimum of 6 channels made up of the following types of OTAs:

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building blocks reflecting revenue management strategies to boost hotel revenue

Top Hotel Revenue Management Strategies to Boost Revenue

We discuss three important strategies revenue managers can use to boost revenue and how an RMS can help forecast demand and perform dynamic pricing

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Online Booking Trends and Stats Every Hotelier Should Know

These are especially important as hotels look to optimize their booking channel and increase conversion rates, which have historically been very low

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