4 Ways To Use Your Hotel Channel Manager More Effectively

To be competitive you need a proactive channel management strategy. We look at four ways hoteliers can use their channel managers more effectively

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Two pieces of a puzzle with the add sign between them showing it equals a lightbulb drawn with chalk indicating how guest engagement and direct channel are important for hotels

Your Direct Channel and Guest Engagement: How They go Hand in Hand

The findings clearly show the correlation between direct bookings and guest engagement, reinforcing the importance of planning a direct channel strategy

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How to Increase Direct Bookings During COVID-19

With margins under incredible pressure in current times – hotels need to do all they can to improve them, with direct bookings playing a large part in this

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Rising Above Revenue Restraints Toward Total Profit Optimization

Hotel revenue managers need to figure out how to stack the right building blocks to forecast accurately, price with confidence, and maximize profitability

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Hotel Distribution Analytics in a Post-COVID World

Ideally, by working effectively with OTAs, hoteliers will capture their share of demand while cautiously ensuring not to repeat past distribution mistakes

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Covid-19 Recovery Series: Distribution Strategy

Most hotels are in a mode of profit recovery so getting the right distribution mix and lowering distribution cost just became mission critical

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How Independent Hotels can Maximise Revenue & Distribution post Crisis

We have identified 8 strategies that you can implement to transform your hotel both in profit and in attitude to revenue, distribution, sales, and marketing

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offices or hotels connected by technology

If You’re Hoping for a Bounce Back Later, Focus on Your Hotel Technology.

Setting up or restarting technology you may have paused can be an ordeal. Start now and be ready from Day 0 to make the most “rush hour demand”

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The Top 7 Distribution Channels for Independent Hotels

Hoteliers should explore all distribution options, including how these channels can benefit their hotel, to create a multi-faceted mix meeting market needs

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tracks show different channel of train routes

Right Channel per Right Room Type: Inventory Management per Channel

Production statistics for every channel compared to the cost of distribution could easily give you the evidence of a revenue contribution for every channel and net rate (after cost breakdown) as well

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