5 Ways Hotels Can Use Generative AI To Improve Their Direct Channel

The content on your website is crucial. By employing the help of Generative AI, you can significantly reduce the time spent on content creation

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computer and dots showing hotel room distribution across the globe

Measuring Distribution Costs and Managing Channels

A fundamental aspect that is often undervalued is the direct assignment of responsibility for distribution costs to the revenue manager

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Why Channel Management is Critical for Hotel Growth

Channel management oversees the distribution of your rooms. Enabling you to adjust room availability and rates across channels in real-time

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The Most Profitable Marketing Channels for Hotels

When independent hotels participate in the most profitable marketing channels, brand visibility increases exponentially and reliance on OTAs decreases

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The Evolving Role of a Hotel Channel Manager

Channel management is vital for a hotel’s commercial success, with increasing reliance on OTAs driving room night reservations and emergence of metasearch

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person clicking on a dollar sign reflecting additional revenue for hotels through sales of extras in their direct channel

Challenges of Selling ‘Extras’ in Your Direct Channel

We’ll cover why hotels should offer extras, some best practices on how to market them and finally some tips on how to streamline your operations

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book now on a mobile phone reflecting the importance of booking apps to independent hotels

Best Hotel Booking Apps for Independent Hotels

Being present on the best and most popular booking apps will help your hotel become a consideration for travellers as they prepare to book their stays

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people with speech bubbles above their heads with stars inside reflecting guest hotel reviews and the potential impact on hotel revenue management strategies

How Do Guest Reviews Impact Revenue Management Strategies?

By understanding the influence of guest reviews on booking decisions hoteliers can maximize revenue potential and maintain a competitive edge in the market

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Top 10 Global Hotel Booking Channels for 2023 Revealed, Agoda and Traveloka continue to hold the top three positions, bringing in the highest revenue for partner hotels

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GDS vs. Channel Manager: Which is Right for Your Hotel?

In the realm of hotel distribution and connectivity, two essential tools are often in the spotlight: GDS vs Channel Manager

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