person stacking a pile of coins much like hotels need to drive bookings during the off-season

The off-season can be a challenging time for hoteliers, but there are several ways to make the most out of this time and turn it into a profitable period. Here are some tips for hoteliers to make the most out of the off-season.

NB: This is an article from STAAH

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Offer unique experiences:

Use the off-season to experiment with new experiences that are unique to your hotel. This can include hosting wine tastings, cooking classes, or other activities that showcase the local culture and add value to guests’ stays.

Optimize revenue management:

During the off-season, demand is lower, and hoteliers need to be strategic with their pricing. Consider using dynamic pricing strategies, such as offering discounts for longer stays or targeting specific segments of travelers, to maximize revenue.

It’s a good time for Revenue managers to plan and forecast pricing for the coming period ahead.

Focus on guest experience:

With fewer guests to manage, hoteliers can focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences. This can lead to positive reviews, word-of-mouth recommendations, and repeat business.

Refresh and maintain the property:

Low season is a great time to perform maintenance tasks and update the hotel’s decor. This can help ensure that the property is in top condition when the peak season arrives.

Create targeted marketing campaigns:

Use data and insights to identify target segments that are more likely to travel during the off-season. Create targeted marketing campaigns that appeal to these segments and highlight the unique experiences and benefits that your hotel offers.

Push hard on Social channels

It is best to keep up to date with your social media content to keep people’s interest and stay in front of potential visitors. Content is king! Keep up with the imagery, video content as well as any of the promotions you have over the off-season. Spread the word across all channels and engage with your audience. You can also use this time to follow up with previous visitors if you need to.

Brainstorm new strategies to attract direct bookings and start working on ways to get more people into your door once the peak season arrives.

Establish local partnerships:

Build relationships with local businesses and tourism boards to create partnerships that benefit both parties. For example, you could offer package deals with local attractions or partner with local restaurants to offer guests exclusive discounts.

Train and develop staff:

The off-season is an excellent time to train and develop staff. Offer training sessions and workshops that improve their skills and knowledge, and help them deliver better guest experiences.

Offer Vouchers

Package your gift vouchers into offers and services that are most popular for quick uptake. For instance, a summer spa package deals if you have a spa on your property. Or strike a deal with a local business so people can gift more than a “stay at a hotel” – they can buy an “experience”. This will help in generating revenue and guests can redeem it later.

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