As odd as it may sound, healthy weight management and healthy revenue management share many similarities.

They both produce spectacular results when a proven strategy is followed with dedication. And conversely, they both quickly fall apart if the balance gets out of whack.

Let’s break this down deeper: Perhaps you’re one of those lucky people who can eat whatever they want and not gain a single pound, stone or kilo.

As the years go by, however, things start to change: metabolisms, activity levels, eating habits. The next thing you know, you’re letting out another belt notch and realize you’re no longer at your fighting weight.

Hotel revenue management may experience this same phenomenon.

What worked at one point in time may have been fruitful, yet over time, things changed: rising costs, more competition, and an increased need for strategic focus. You may find yourself no longer getting the results you did so easily in the past.

In either situation, you find yourself ready for a change…but what is the best approach?

There are many ways to reclaim your ideal weight, ranging from the easiest to the fastest to the healthiest, and they basically fall into three categories:

  • Diet only – Controlling the number of calories consumed with no special focus on what you’re eating and with no additional activity beyond your normal daily routine. This superficially works for the short term—especially if you cut way back– but may come at an unhealthy cost and lack lasting benefits.
  • Exercise only – Adding additional calorie-burning activities to your daily regime with no special focus on controlling the amount of calories you consume. This works when you’re burning more calories than what you consume but if it’s the other way around the math will always win.
  • Diet and exercise together – This combo provides a dual-purpose framework that provides the most significant results. Working together, a healthy diet with moderate exercise can deliver steady results without deprivation. The occasional over-indulgence won’t ruin lasting results.

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