Mirai is the hotelier’s partner in the common objective of maximising the potential of direct sales, commercial independence, reduction of distribution costs and access without intermediaries to the highest number of potential clients, always within the general framework that these actions contribute to increase the hotel’s profits.

We cover the three necessary areas required to reach this objective: Creation and maintenance of the hotel’s direct-sales platform (website, mobile device, booking systems, etc.) with the best technology, design and service; Visibility and marketing to make that platform reach the client (including the leading connectivity solution with proprietary integrations with the most important metasearch publishers) and, above all, collaboration with the hotelier in the development and implementation of the sales and commercialisation strategy, actions which are down to the hotel but essential to achieve the desired results.

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a winner holding a cup and a loser looking sad reflecting the impact of the recent EU Digital Markets Act - DMA - and the impact on hotel bookings
Who Are The Winners and Losers of Google’s DMA Implementation?
man trying to navigate a path through question marks in the way hotels need to better understand the factors that affect the results of their metasearch campaigns
What Factors Affect the Results of Your Metasearch Campaigns? (Pt2)
percentages and arrows declining reflecting dma impact to hotels with a 30% reduction in clicks and bookings on google hotel ads
DMA Impact: 30% Drop in Google Hotel Ads Clicks & Bookings
post it notes with sales funnel and marketing stages
The Six Levels of the Google Hotels Funnel
mirai article image book join loyalty program key feature article
Book and Join, a Key Feature of Your Loyalty Program
person clicking on a dollar sign reflecting additional revenue for hotels through sales of extras in their direct channel
Challenges of Selling ‘Extras’ in Your Direct Channel
coins flying off a pile illustrating why hotels should evaluate if they spend money on commissions or invest in direct sales
Spend on Commissions or Invest in Your Direct Sales?
trivago logo for mirai article about their new net cpa on consumption offering
Trivago Introduces its New Net CPA on Consumption
person with keyboard and graphs reflecting the power ai first business intelligence and analytics technology can have on hotel operations
Conversion Rate Doesn’t Matter, Revenue Does
arrow in the wild pointing a direction of travel much like the need for a hotelier survival guide outlining the steps to profitable investment
A Hotelier’s Survival Guide: Steps to Profitable Investment
space man above the earth reflecting evolving world of travel and the role technology has played
Technology and Tourism: A Journey Through the Centuries
black board with chalk writing including the phrase customer loyalty
Loyalty Benefits in More Ways Beyond Net ADR
person writing on a diary in the month of november possibly a hotel marketeer mapping our black friday plans
Two Weeks Until Black Friday: 5 Strategies to Boost Direct Sales
dials on a car showing speed and revs reflecting importance for a hotel to understand how to measure the performance of their direct channel
Measuring the Performance of Your Direct Channel
booking.com are one of many otas who charge hotels fees
Booking.com: Once Again the OTA Wins and You Lose
image with ice berg reflecting the potential impacts of ignoring your hotel price competitiveness in discussion with pablo sanchez of mirai
The Potential Impacts of Ignoring Your Hotel Price Competitiveness
How controlling your hotel pricing could increase bookings by 34% mirai video discussion thumbnail
How Controlling Your Hotel Pricing Could Increase Bookings by 34%
a see saw with loyalty and hotel adr on either side reflecting the imbalance between the two
No, Loyalty Does Not Increase ADR, But It’s Still Worth It
lego character looking in panic reflecting how a hoteliers should be concerned about the new digital markets act
Reasons To Be Concerned About New Digital Markets Act
google written on a laptop key reflecting the potential impact of google killing off metasearch bidding cpa
5 Tools in Your Hotel Google Profile to Increase Your Direct Sales
tripadvisor on a mobile phone
This is How Tripadvisor Net Commission Per Stay Model Works
hotel distribution seven deadly sins article image by mirai taking inspiration from a drawing by Antonio Manetti depicting hell as described by Dante
The Seven Deadly Sins of Distribution
trivago metasearch hotel listing and new free booking links offering
All You Need to Know About Trivago’s New Free Booking Links
booking.com are one of many otas who charge hotels fees
The Reasons Why Customers Use Booking.com (And So Do I)
broken piggy bank reflecting hotels need to evaluate their metasearch budgets as a response to google removing cpa bidding
OTA Visibility Boosters: The True Cost is More Than You Think
google written on a laptop key reflecting the potential impact of google killing off metasearch bidding cpa
Understanding the Value Proposition of Paid and Free Google Hotels
computer screen with the word distribution reflecting importance of a strategic hotel distribution strategy
Upcoming Challenges in Hotel Distribution That May Interest You
image of person using laptop to make a hotel direct booking reflecting importance of metasearch and it's growing contribution to direct revenue
Growing Contribution of Metasearch to Direct Revenue
broken piggy bank reflecting hotels need to evaluate their metasearch budgets as a response to google removing cpa bidding
How Much Are You Losing By Not Controlling Your Hotel Price
businesses and homes are all reachable in a connected way for hotels if they really invested time in data driven commercial distribution strategies
A Handbook on Hotel Distribution in the 21st Century
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