Can Forecasting Be Done When Historical Data Becomes Irrelevant?

By focusing on demand forecasting, we can establish price customisation strategies, working from a Customer-Centric Revenue Management view

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More (Brand) Power to You: Don’t Cut Your Marketing Budget

There is space right now to create significance as a brand. People are asking for more value driven options, so up to you to give it to them

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How to Increase Hotel Revenue Through Food & Beverage Sales

With favourable margins and a shift in customer consumption, Food and Beverage can become an essential lever to increase hotel revenue

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hotel travel tech mindset

Where Is Travel Tech Headed In The Post Crisis Era?

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, the global economy is still under shock and travel has only recovered to 40% of pre-COVID levels

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benelux hotels

5 Upselling Insights – Benelux Focus

All in all, the current results in the Benelux region are remarkably positive. We would venture to say that the recovery period has started

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Step by Step Guide to Collecting Hotel Guest Email Addresses

A successful hotel and revenue management plan must have a strong email marketing strategy and the gathering of high quality hotel guest data

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Hotel Recovery Indicators and Need for Scenario Based Strategies

The hotel which adapts and repositions based on short-term demand fluctuations but also prepares for the future, will ultimately prosper

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How Hotels Can Turn Parking Into an Alternate Revenue Stream

Hotels can rent empty parking spaces on a monthly basis. Even at reduced rates, the revenue generated from these spaces could be substantial

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money with rope ties in a knot around it indicating hotel budgeting under pressure

Hotels Need to Guard Against Aggressive Country Rates Campaigns

OTAs choose which POS to show and will ensure the rates do not appear on the local POS where they know the revenue manager resides and works

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monopoly hotels on piles of coins which are increasing in size to illustrate increasing revenue for hotel recovery

Definitive Covid Recovery Guide for Key Hotel Departments

Here is a collection of tips from seasoned hotel professionals which address four major departments that will be crucial during rebound phase

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