Increasing Cost per Clicks – OTAs Back in the Auction

With the pandemic ending, OTAs began spending on marketing campaigns again and the hidden cost was a 50% in increase in the avg. CPC for the brand campaigns

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booking.com name in neon lights

The Reasons Why Customers Use Booking.com (And So Do I)

Thanks Booking.com for great service. Or should I say, “thanks hotel for rolling out the red carpet to Booking.com so that they can roll it out for me?”

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Attract High-Value Guests with Expedia Members Only Promotions

You can target high-value guests by using Members Only promotions to offer exclusive deals to over 100 million members across all Expedia Group sites

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Unlock New Revenue Streams With Effective Channel Management

Channel management involves identifying and using the most effective online distribution channels, such as OTAs, direct booking engines, metasearch, etc.

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Dynamic Packaging Solutions for Online Booking Engines

Dynamic packaging can help introduce end-to-end booking coverage. Otherwise, travelers will rely on OTAs suggesting solutions for vacation-related problems

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Bed Banks: Comparing Inventory and Connectivity

Bed banks are middlemen between hoteliers that aim to have decent occupancy rates and travel providers looking for inventory for their end customers

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broken piggy bank reflecting hotels need to evaluate their metasearch budgets as a response to google removing cpa bidding

OTA Visibility Boosters: The True Cost is More Than You Think

Having an analytical approach to visibility boosters is critical and will help you assign the incremental cost to the incremental revenue correctly

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icons on mobile phone including well known otas expedia and booking reflecting proliferation of options beyond hotel direct bookings

Top Tactics to Drive Direct Bookings at Your Hotel

The loss of direct bookings has an unfortunate two-fold effect; losing revenue due to high OTA fees and inability to deliver a personalized guest experience

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Using Metasearch to Drive Direct Bookings and Reduce OTA Reliance

There’s a bias to drive direct traffic, which means metasearch gives your property greater exposure than the OTAs to encourage a direct booking

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two people tugging on money reflecting the parity issue exists on metasearch not just otas

Which OTAs Cause the Worst Price Undercuts in Your Region?

It’s no secret that the volume of OTAs participating in the auction has skyrocketed, making impression share more and more difficult to obtain

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