Tips for Hoteliers to Balance Online and Direct Bookings

Prioritizing profitable bookings along with maximizing occupancy and driving revenue from direct bookings offers the greatest cost-cutting benefits

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smaller man standing by feet of much larger man showing disparity in size between otas and hotels

An ‘End to Unfair Practices’: New Laws to Rein in Power of OTAs

From price parity clauses to the fact that OTAs hoard user data, the hotel industry has long been crying out for measures to restore balance

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trivago’s Free Booking Links Bring Travelers and Hoteliers Closer

Because direct bookings with a free booking link come at no cost, hoteliers also save on paying commissions for bookings previously received through an OTA

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expedia logo in background and on mobile phone

Expedia Best Practices and Special Programs on Offer

We focus on the specifics, best practices and other aspects of and about Expedia and give you a brief guide to set yourself up in the best possible way

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8 Tips for Hotel Revenue Managers to Cope with Rate Parity Issues

Let us delve into some tips to help you dash over the speed-breakers in your revenue maximizing journey and build the right rate parity strategy

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person on a laptop making a hotel bookings either via otas or direct on the hotel website

Hotel Direct Bookings vs. Hotel Bookings from OTAs

A well-rounded approach combining strengths of direct bookings and OTAs will help hoteliers maximize their revenue potential and enhance guest experience

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icons on mobile phone including well known otas expedia and booking reflecting proliferation of options beyond hotel direct bookings

OTAs: The Pros and Cons of Working With Them

Working with OTAs can enhance your revenue management and distribution channel strategies, but there are also some downsides

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2023 Hotel Online Distribution Trends: Europe & Asia

In this report, we analyse distribution trends from four years of online booking data spanning from 2019 through 2022

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How to Improve Review Scores on Booking.com

Since review scores influence guests when making a decision it is essential to understand how to improve your review scores on Booking.com

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OTAs Have Retaken More Than Half of All Hotel Bookings Online

As the hotel industry’s recovery from the pandemic has progressed, bookings on OTAs have again outpaced hotel website bookings

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