Hotels Under Pressure as OTA Competition for Guests Explodes

Hotels are in danger of becoming too reliant on OTA lead generation, to the point it becomes financially tough to recover their current share of bookings

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man being attracted by a carrot in the same way hotels need to win back business from otas

Ten Tips to Help Win Back Business from OTAs

20 years ago we ‘spilled all of our sweeties in the lobby’ and gave the OTAs our soul, and for the last 15 years we’ve been trying to win the business back

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Top 10 Global Hotel Booking Channels for 2023 Revealed

Booking.com, Agoda and Traveloka continue to hold the top three positions, bringing in the highest revenue for partner hotels

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man putting money in his pocket reflecting the topic of a recent conversation with Connor Vanderholm of Topline about the dark side of revenue management and the potential ethical pitfalls

Avoiding Ethical Pitfalls from the Dark Side of Revenue Management

We follow up on a recent article outlining some of the revenue management practices that could be considered to run a little close to unethical

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european union flags reflecting the driving force between the digital markets act DMA

Digital Markets Act (DMA), What Does This Mean For Your Hotel?

The Digital Markets Act has the potential to rebalance the relationship with OTAs, thanks to greater control over their online distribution

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two angry tortoises reflecting tension in the relationship between a hotel and ota

Mastering the Art of OTA Relationships: Practices for Revenue Growth

We dive into best practices to help build strong partnerships with OTAs while driving revenue growth. From hidden secrets to practical tips!

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Why Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) Matter for Hotels

Calculating customer acquisition costs is challenging. Costs are often distributed across departments and vary by channel

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OTAs or Hotel Direct Bookings: How to Optimize for ROI

We take an in-depth look at both OTAs and direct bookings – examining their pros and cons in light of today’s marketplace

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booking.com name in neon lights

Booking.com: Once Again the OTA Wins and You Lose

Two of these confusing visibility boosters are the “free room upgrade” and “free breakfast” by Booking.com. Do you know how they work?

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person on a laptop making a hotel bookings either via otas or direct on the hotel website

The Impact of OTAs on Hotel Revenue Management

We explore how OTAs influence your revenue strategies and reveal insider tips to help you thrive in this dynamic environment

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