person with keyboard and graphs reflecting the power ai first business intelligence and analytics technology can have on hotel operations

Unleash the Power of AI-First Business Intelligence and Analytics

In this era of endless digital progression, the ability to leverage AI and data is a game-changer. And hotel executives possess the power to change the game

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Rethinking Predictors of Demand for Overnight Accommodation

This discrepancy between interest and action suggests that search data should not be the sole basis for forecasting demand in the hotel sector

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Why Hotels Needs More Than Simple Metrics

If averages give us an incomplete picture, where do we look to find actual metrics we can act on? The answer is going more granular in your data analysis

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person looking at spreadsheets rather than using decision intelligence analytics technology

How to Switch from Spreadsheets to Analytics: 5 Tips for Hoteliers

These tips on switching from spreadsheets to analytics could prove useful and help avoid some common pitfalls organizations fall victim to

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person looking at graphs reflecting the importance of understanding the difference between top level kpis and deep dive analysis

The Importance of Top-Level KPIs vs Deep Dive Analysis

While top-level KPIs set a clear focus and direction, deep-dive analytics provide the necessary insights for tactical execution

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Top 10 Tips to Understand your Audience this Festive Season

Understanding your audience’s preferences, behaviours, and expectations enables you to tailor marketing efforts, enhance guest experience and drive bookings

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When Dates Matter: Calendar-Centric Hotel Analytics

We’ll decode the language of hotel data shaped by the sway of the calendar, so you can better understand this vital information

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Elevate Your Hotel Performance with Revenue Management Analytics

We explore hotel revenue management analytics, and how it empowers hoteliers to make decisions that drive profitability and guest satisfaction

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Page Load Time in GA4: Do Users Even See Your Hotel Website?

The correlation between a user opening a website and viewing its content seems straightforward, yet discrepancies frequently occur

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GA4 for Hotels: Why Micro Conversions Matter

Understanding and tracking micro conversions in your hotel website can provide actionable insights and GA4 can help significantly

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