Insights reveal that the Asia Pacific traveller doesn’t exist! Here’s why.

The Asia Pacific traveller is a force to be reckoned with, yet it doesn’t exist! There are many Asias within Asia. Yet many in the industry make the mistake of assuming that there is an Asia Pacific traveller type.

NB: This is an article by Amadeus

That couldn’t be further from the truth. The diversity we see across nationalities, gender and generation in this region is astounding. More than that, our research has showed us that the behaviours, needs and preferences of travellers vary enormously from one country to another. The industry must come to grips with this. The one-size-fits-all approach is a thing of the past.

APAC is already the world’s largest travel market. Yet in China, the world’s leading outbound market, less than 9% of the population owns a passport. It’s a region that presents opportunity for the travel industry, but also many challenges. We have set out to understand these challenges by better understanding Asia Pacific travellers.

Our new study, Journey of Me Insights: What Asia Pacific travellers want, covers 14 markets. It is the most comprehensive research on Asia Pacific travellers to date. With almost 7,000 travellers participating, the research unveiled four themes for travel providers to focus on:

The travel industry can only thrive if we put the traveller at the centre of everything we do. The first step to doing so is to better understand who our travellers are, and what they want. This is no mean feat. Traveller expectations are a moving target, and we must keep pace.

Like any other relationships we have in our lives, to win someone over you must first understand them. Stereotyping the ‘Asia Pacific traveller’ will get you nowhere. The Journey of Me Insights is our endeavour to help our customers and partners shape the future of travel that travellers want.

For more information on the research and more findings, download the Amadeus Journey of Me Insights here.