Increasing competition in today’s online business climate has necessitated more diversified marketing and distribution strategies for hotel operators. But while it’s important for hotel marketers and revenue managers to consider both traditional and emerging opportunities, the costs associated with marketing your hotel through multiple channels can add up.

Enter email marketing – one of the most viable, cost-effective methods for reaching guests and increasing direct bookings. Just as travelers can now plan their trip using the endless information offered online, including through Google, hotels can also look to take simple steps to plan for their guests’ arrivals.

In part 1 of this blog series, I’ll be discussing tips on how to more effectively leverage the capabilities of email as part of your overall marketing strategy to promote your hotel and increase revenue.

1. Target repeat guests

Not only is it easier to target repeat business than to generate new leads, it’s less expensive too; statistics show that attracting new guests can cost you five to eight times as much as retaining existing ones. In fact, the Preferred Hotel Group estimates that up to 60% of revenue in their top-performing hotels is from repeat visitors.

Why not offer return guests special package deals and time-sensitive reward program benefits to increase your revenue?

2. Take advantage of peak periods

Guests are more likely to look for rooms in the run-up to peak periods, so use this time to remind them why they should book with you with holiday-themed emails, special discounts and personalised incentives. Lean on your PMS data to identify spikes in room occupancy in order to send targeted, seasonal emails – particularly to previous high-spenders. It is during those peak periods that you are also more likely to attract new guests.

Be sure to identify your niche and ideal customer; this makes targeting much more streamlined and effective.

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