New Hotel Rate Parity and Distribution Issues for 2023

When dealing with rate parity issues, it is key to have an action plan in place to take greater control over your distribution success

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How to Fight Rate Disparity and Keep Room Rates in Check

When you overcome rate disparity issues, you encourage guests to book direct, maintain control over your prices and the chance to capture more revenue

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8 Tips for Hotel Revenue Managers to Cope with Rate Parity Issues

Let us delve into some tips to help you dash over the speed-breakers in your revenue maximizing journey and build the right rate parity strategy

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letters spelling out the word pricing highlighting the evolution of revenue management and the potential for hoteliers of adopting a value added pricing strategy

Why You Need Rate Parity in Your Hotel Pricing Strategy

Whether you rely on attribute-based pricing or demand-based pricing, it’s important to find a balance between direct bookings and bookings via OTAs

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two people tugging on money reflecting the parity issue exists on metasearch not just otas

Which OTAs Cause the Worst Price Undercuts in Your Region?

It’s no secret that the volume of OTAs participating in the auction has skyrocketed, making impression share more and more difficult to obtain

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How to Avoid OTA Panic and Rate Parity Games

Your revenue strategy cannot be focused on proving that the OTAs are an evil empire, and that only your rate parity games will topple them

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Price Parity Monitoring & Why Your Hotel Metasearch Needs It

While other metasearch solutions can take a week to alert a price parity issue, this is the only real time metasearch disparity monitoring tool

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rate parity is over mirai article image

Parity is Over: Define New Pricing Strategy with Booking and Expedia

Inventory and rate parity is no longer a valid strategy. Parity sounds like a 90’s concept. It is the time to redefine a new relationship with the OTAs

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coins flying off reflecting how conversion rates can be impacted by parity performance

How Your Conversion Rate Is Affected By Parity Performance

How much additional direct revenue could you capture if you lowered the number of parity violations and proportionally raised your conversion rates by 56%?

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Bad Actor OTAs: How Hotels Can Protect Themselves

It can be a challenge, but by embracing rate parity monitoring tools hotels can maximize success while addressing the problems created by bad actor OTAs

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