How Google and Meta Could Disrupt Travel Discovery with AI

We explore the rise of AI assistants in the travel space, their capabilities and how they could impact brands’ visibility and marketing strategies

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Hotel SMS Remarketing: Boost Engagement, Bookings and Revenue

Remarketing strategies can be diversified to cater to different segments of your audience and utilize various digital touchpoints

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expedia logo in background and on mobile phone is a key distribution channel for hotels

Expedia TravelAd Strategies for Small Hotels

With the help of some smart strategies, you can ensure your hotels investment in Expedia TravelAds generates a serious return

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Booking Designated “Gatekeeper”; a New Era for European Hotels

The EC’s decision empowers hotels to connect with the right guests, drive guests to book direct, and grow loyalty and revenue with each guest

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New Features for PPC Ads in 2024

Hoteliers should prepare to adjust their PPC strategy to take advantage of these tools that streamline marketing efforts and reduce inefficiencies

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Build Traveler Brand Loyalty with Omnichannel Journeys

Offering cohesive omnichannel experiences has become imperative to capturing travelers’ attention as they interact with brands through various touchpoints

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The Tools Marketers Need to Turn Consumers into Loyal Guest

Once consumers have demonstrated intent, marketers must stay on their radar to continue to push them further down the funnel

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Luxury Hotel Marketing: 5 Key Strategies to Succeed

The first thing many people think about luxury hotels is price, but the art of content marketing is to shift focus away from cost and onto the experience

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google universal analytics on a laptop

How to Export Historical Data from Google’s Universal Analytics

Universal Analytics properties rely on cookies and independent sessions, which are becoming obsolete in today’s privacy-focused environment

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Google’s March 2024 Core Update: Impacts & Insights

Along with content parameters, the core update included revised spam policies to address the increasingly sophisticated, targeted approaches

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