clear vision through glasses reflecting importance to hotels of forecasting accuracy

The Importance of Forecasting Accuracy in Revenue Management

Prioritizing forecasting accuracy will contribute to your business’s profitability and long-term success in the dynamic hospitality industry

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calculator and balance sheet reflecting importance of a successful quarterly business review

Key Components of a Successful Hotel Quarterly Business Review

A quarterly business review (QBR) is a meeting held every quarter to review the hotel performance and define areas for improvement for next quarter

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man looking at a hotel website on a computer reflecting importance for hotels to captivate guests to generate more direct bookings leading to increased revenue

Maximising Hotel Profitability by Measuring Willingness to Pay

The concept of willingness to pay (WTP) relates to how much a guests are prepared to pay for a room and for each of your ancillary services

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icons on mobile phone including well known otas expedia and booking reflecting proliferation of options beyond hotel direct bookings

OTAs: The Pros and Cons of Working With Them

Working with OTAs can enhance your revenue management and distribution channel strategies, but there are also some downsides

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coins being added to a glass jar with the shoot of a plant growing from the top reflecting how cost based pricing ensures if hotels sell their rooms then that are guaranteed to make a profit

Price Integrity in Hotel Revenue Management: Strategies and Tips

The objective of price integrity is to ensure transparency and avoid misleading customers with incorrect or unjustified pricing information

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person with multiple laptops reflecting importance to a hotel of revenue management automation to ensure managers can focus on strategic issues and what is most important

What is Revenue Management Automation and Why is it Key?

Revenue management automation has been around for a number of years now. However, we now need to start thinking about automation at a higher level

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4 glass jars filling up with coins reflecting how hotels should consider developing sustainability plans to help drive future revenue and profits

3 Tips to Boost Your Hotel’s Total Revenue Management Strategy

Most professionals in the hospitality industry now recognise that strategic revenue management is one of the key levers of business success

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letters spelling out the word pricing highlighting the current spotlight shining on algorithmic price fixing

Why You Need Rate Parity in Your Hotel Pricing Strategy

Whether you rely on attribute-based pricing or demand-based pricing, it’s important to find a balance between direct bookings and bookings via OTAs

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rms hotel travel tech mindset and importance of machine learning to hotel revenue management

Machine Learning And Its Importance In Hotel Revenue Management

Let’s explore how exactly you can use machine learning to streamline and enhance your revenue management processes

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triangle sign with the word yield spelt out reflecting the need to understand the difference between yield management and revenue management

Yield Management: How it Can Help You Optimise Your Revenue

Yield management controls enable you to filter your demand so that you can attract the most profitable market segments to your hotel

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