Lybra’s real-time, machine learning, demand-centric Assistant RMS is a sophisticated, flexible, module-based machine learning revenue management system, which will simplify and automate your property’s daily revenue management operations to boost occupancy, ADR and RevPAR – even in times of depressed demand, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pricing in Unprecedented Market Conditions:
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed revenue management forever. Future and historical data is no longer the most effective data to determine room rates because our current market conditions are completely unheard of in our lifetimes.

The best way to remain competitive in a depressed market is to use an RMS that uses the right data to provide the most accurate pricing suggestions – and that’s where Lybra’s Assistant RMS beats the rest.

Lybra’s Assistant RMS uses machine learning to effectively analyze all available Big Data – prioritizing market and competition data, instead of historical ¬– to more accurately determine a property’s demand and offer price suggestions that will help hotels get more bookings and increase revenue.

As a result of Lybra’s recent acquisition by The Zucchetti Group, Zucchetti’s global booking data – collected from the company’s hospitality subsidiaries – has been integrated into Lybra’s Assistant RMS; this integration gives the RMS access to an unparalleled amount of global market and demand data, maximizing the accuracy of the solution’s price suggestions, no matter how the pandemic affects market demand.

Use Big Data to Determine the Right Room Rate in Real-Time:
Lybra’s Assistant RMS has the ability to analyze data exponentially more quickly than a traditional RMS, making it possible to review forecasting data in real-time – a feat that humans can never hope to accomplish.

Even though other RMS companies advertise that their solution calculates room rates in real-time, in actuality, they don’t have the ability to collect and analyze data, and offer pricing suggestions, based on REAL market conditions.

Lybra’s Assistant is the only RMS that uses machine learning technology that is advanced enough to process Big Data in real-time, as the market changes, for all types and sizes of hotels.

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