Cogwheel Marketing is a full service digital marketing agency specializing in branded hotels. We know how to leverage brand systems then couple that with supplemental strategies to maximize total online presence.

Our defined processes ensure the best positioning for your hotel against the comp set and against other hotels of the same brand. Let us work with your sales and revenue management team to identify and close the gaps and target your ideal guests.

Cogwheel Marketing has handled over 70 openings and conversions.

For an overview of our digital marketing services for hotels, visit our website.

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letters spelling out seo for an article about how to optimize for marriott seo
How to Optimize for Marriott SEO
american football game play reflecting the blueprint a hotel marketer must develop for a unified commercial strategy
A Hotel Marketer’s Bold Blueprint for Unified Commercial Strategy
old plane cockpit reflecting the outdated view of roas as the primary metric for evaluating marketing initiatives
Evolving Past ROAS as the Primary Marketing KPI
word strategy writing on paper illustrating the need for hotels to create their hotel digital marketing strategy before jumping into tactics
Create Your Digital Marketing Strategy Before Jumping Into Tactics
3 people looking at a laptop reflecting the importance for hotels to setup their online presence for maximum exposure
25 Ways to Setup Your Hotel Online Presence for Greater Exposure
video thumbnail image of a discussion with cogwheel marketing about the need for hotel sales to think more like marketing if they are to drive topline revenue
To Drive Top Line Revenue, Hotel Sales Must Think Like Marketing
man holding his head in his hands possibly reflecting a failure in hotel digital marketing strategy to drive hotel bookings
Hotel Bookings: Transform Digital Marketing Failure Into Success
data sets and charts reflecting importance of a data driven hotel action plans for hotel digital marketing
How Hotels Can Use Big Data for Better Digital Marketing Action Plans
google universal analytics on a laptop
How we Transformed a Hotel’s Booking Game with Google Ads
words digital marketing and phrases related to this topic including seo and ppc
Hotel Marketing KPIs Must Change to Drive Commercial Strategy
two people capturing a balloon festival reflecting different ways influencers can add value to a successful hotel collaboration
The Power of Influencers and How To Successfully Collaborate
YouTube video thumbnail for discussion with Stephanie Smith of Cogwheel Marketing about Hotel Digital Marketing and asking is your hotel data helping you ask the right questions
Hotel Digital Marketing: Is Data Helping You Ask the Right Questions?
image showing universal analytics and google analytics 4 as part of a cogwheel marketing article comparing the two
10 Differences Between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4
pins in a map reflecting importance to hotels of ensuring their local listings are as effective as possible
Primary Local Listings Checklist for Hotels
marketing dual branded hotel cogwheel article image
Marketing a Dual Branded Hotel
hand on computer mouse overlayed with a dollar image reflecting importance for hotels to look beyond ROAS purely to measure the success of a marketing campaign
Hotel Digital Paid Media Planning
general manager hotel marketing wishlist based on trends for 2023
25 Point Checklist to Audit Your Hotel’s Total Online Presence
person looking at google map for travel directions which could provide an advertising route for a hotel
Map Advertisements: Should Hotels be Using Them?
mobile phone icons of digital social media platforms
Developing a Social Media Plan for Your Hotel
social media icons on a mobile or tablet
Who Should be Responsible for Your Hotel Social Media
youtube thumbnail for a video discussion about marriage of revenue and marketing with stephanie at cogwheel marketing and connor at topline revenue
The Marriage of Revenue Management and Marketing
lady about to run as the sun rises reflecting the need for hotels to kick start their social media campaigns as we start to move out post pandemic
Kick Start Social Media for Your Hotel in 2022
train tracks reflecting different distribution challenges that could be helped by a channel manager
Determining Your Hotel’s Channel Strategy Within Koddi
thumbnail image for video discussion about marriott hotel system and reports to improve commercial impact
Marriott Branded Hotel? Tips and Advice to Drive Commercial Impact
the words chance and change spelt out reflecting the changing landscape of marketing and why hotels cannot leave it to chance and must start preparing now
Hotel Digital Marketing Performance: Defining Success in The New Market
image of man with head in sand used on a thumbnail for a video with cogwheel marketing looking at the importance of a marketing audit
Marketing Audit: Not Exciting But Crucial To Your Budget
cogwheel article image for hotel marketing platforms comparing expedia travel ads and koddi
Expedia Travel Ads vs Koddi: Hotel Marketing Platform Comparison
calculator and balance sheet reflecting importance of a successful quarterly business review
How a Detailed Hotel Marketing Audit Helps Determine Budget
image of video discussing hotel marketing roi and roas with stephanie smith of cogwheel marketing
Why Hotel Marketing Needs to Move Beyond ROI and ROAS
two people having fun looking through donuts reflecting how hotels should view their marketing in a different way
A New Way to Look at Your Hotel Marketing Campaigns
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