Globally, we spend more on travel related goods than in any other industry.

This is supported by consistent growth in digital travel sales across the board in every region, and by organic search, as people are increasingly searching and increasingly buying online.

Digital Travel Statistics: Online Growth

  • By the end of 2015, digital travel sales in Western Europe totalled $152 billion, up 8.0% from the previous year
  • Worldwide digital travel sales totalled more than $533 billion in 2015
  • By 2019, worldwide digital travel sales will top $762 billion

Digital travel sales are up in every region globally

There is growth in every major region, but the growth of total travel sales in Asia Pacific looks set to be the biggest market region by 2018.

As always, the largest markets are the ones expected to experience the most market saturation (Western Europe and North America), while rising stars (i.e. Asia Pacific and Latin America) are predicted to show significant growth over the coming years.

  • Latin America Sales predicted to increase the most of all – by 122% between 2014 – 2019
  • Asia-Pacific to surpass North America as the largest digital travel market in the world.
  • Western Europe sales predicted to increase the least of all – by only 32% between 2014 – 2019

Travel Industry Digital advertising spend

To capture the attention of a global audience more inclined to purchase travel products such as flights, hotels and city breaks online, the travel industry is increasing its advertising spend online.

  • The Travel market makes up 8.3% of all digital ad spend globally
  • Spend increased by 22% in 2014 for the sector, keeping in line with global sales increases

How often do the British travel abroad?

In the UK, spending on overseas travel was estimated to have increased by 5% YOY, and visits overseas  expected to grow by 8% YOY in 2014.

British people take each take an average of 3.2 holidays per year according to the office of National Statistics 2015.

  • May saw the highest peak in visits abroad in the UK, in 2014.
  • July overtook May as the month to holiday abroad in 2015 (9% more UK residents holidayed in July 2015 than May 14).
  1. An estimated £37.5bn spent on visits abroad (Oct 2014 – 2015) up 5% from previous year
  2. 129,102,000 projected visits abroad between Oct 2013 – 2015
  3. 8% increase expected in UK visits abroad (Oct 2014 – 2015)

Travel sector – popular search terms by type

Despite seasonal peaks and troughs, search volumes are still significant even in the lower months. Activity and visibility should be spread throughout the year, plus in terms of media spend, investing in “down time” months may pay dividends.

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