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5 Event Trends to Watch in 2022

As the year ramps up and event size continues to grow, planners and organizers are looking at how to reintroduce larger events to the industry successfully

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video thumbnail image of coffee time chat with pontus and veit at berner+becker about business travel in german market

State of Business Travel in German Market and What Future Might Hold

We discuss the current situation regarding business travel in the German market. We look at which destinations are holding up and which are still challenging

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3 Ways Hotels Can Serve The “New” Business Traveller

As business travel begins to re-emerge with a new look and feel, hotels can capitalize on the opportunity to expand and grow

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video thumbnail image coffee time chat about benchmarking

Hotel Benchmarking: Coffee Time Chat with Peter Brauer and Henrik Karlsson

As we start to come out of the pandemic what is the impact, and engagement, around benchmarking? Can you give us some thoughts, observations around that

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get into more video thumbnail about meetings and events business to sell or not to sell

To Sell or Not Sell? Now That Is A Question!

We are posing the question to sell or not to sell, after the last 18 months why are we even asking that question, surely we just take the business?

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As Group and Event Demand Returns Let’s Not Slip Back to “Order-Taking”

Although group and event leads are higher than it was a year ago, demand is still not where it once was, so this is a good time to build new sales habits

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Increase Meeting Room Bookings With These 9 Unbeatable Strategies

You can sell meeting space either as an independent area or combined with accommodation. Let’s look at ways that can help maximise your meeting room sales

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