person holding a mobile phone with tiktok logo in a hotel lobby reflecting importance in driving direct revenue

9 Best TikTok Practices for Hotels & Examples to Get You Started

Getting started on an unfamiliar platform, like TikTok, can be intimidating for hotel brands, but here are a few tips to help get you started

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email icon an a mobile phone reflecting email deliverability and the impact of the new sending requirements

Impact If Hotels Do Not Follow New Email Sending Requirements

It’s tough to overstate how important these email practices are when it comes to giving marketing emails every chance of reaching recipients

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If an Image is Worth a 1000 Words, How Much is a Video Worth?

The power of video content in marketing is undeniable, with studies showing visuals are 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than other content

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Maximize Your Hotel Visibility with Google Maps Latest Features

Embracing these changes and optimizing your presence on Google Maps can lead to increased visibility, engagement, and ultimately, bookings

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Here is Why AI Search Engines Really Can’t Kill Google

The real question in front of all these would-be Google killers, is not how well they can find information, it’s how well they can do everything Google does

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Maximizing Hotel Revenue: How Software Solutions Drive RevPAR

To enhance monthly RevPAR, hoteliers must adopt strategic approaches that leverage market insights, guest preferences, and current trends

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Content Creation: Best Practices for Different Hotel Segments

Understanding your niche gives you a direction on what kind of content you should be posting. Be proud of who and what your property represents

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Hotel Distribution Channels: Future Opportunity in Channel Disruption

Yet for all the challenges in distribution, immense possibility exists for hotels that take an imaginative omnichannel approach

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person breaking down a wall reflecting how hotels are breaking down barriers and reclaiming power in website management

Breaking Barriers: Hotels Are Reclaiming Power in Website Management

The principle of customer-focused website design and management is vital, particularly for hotels where customer engagement is key to success

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Capitalize On User-Generated Content and Influencer Marketing

Although content created by guests and influencers may look and feel similar to outsider consumers, there are key differences

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