The AI Opportunity in Revenue Management

The Status Quo! Nothing to do with aging Rock bands, but more around not putting our heads up above the parapet. Changing things that ‘work’ invokes visions of risk and […]

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How Can AI Technology Manage the Hotel Guest Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is estimated to increase hotel revenues by over 10% and reduce costs by 15%. NB: This is an article from Handy Travel Some of the practical examples […]

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AI Will Eat Revenue Management

AI or Artificial Intelligence is currently dominating the news headlines. NB: This is an article from Hotelsoft Mark Cuban the well-known investor of ABC’s Shark tank has predicted that the […]

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Chatbot or Not? How AI Can Help And Hinder Customer Service

Bots are becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to interact with their customers at scale. But do they actually improve the customer experience? NB: This is an article from […]

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Will Revenue Managers Be Ready For Next Downturn?

There are at least a few industries where the price of the product is totally or substantially disconnected from the cost of production. NB: This is an article from Richard […]

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing The Travel Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) now infiltrates every element of the travel process. Today, website chatbots, personalized search platforms, and in-room virtual assistants are being deployed to improve customer engagement, boost conversion […]

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How Google Uses AI And Big Data To Make Travel Better

Since its acquisition of ITA Matrix Software eight years ago, Google has been quietly rolling out new tools for travelers. Its progress has been even more notable over the past […]

Read more lists more homes than Airbnb and AI is rocking

Travel giant says with 5 million “reported listings” it now tops Airbnb’s reported 4.5 million. also says the number of homes, apartments, and places it lists is 27 […]

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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Travel Industry

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and neural networks are words that are often seen in today’s business technology headlines. Are robots taking over the world? Or are they just here to […]

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