Biography is a response to the new tomorrow, when all hotels in the world will start to open up again after the COVID-19 pandemic, with the greater than ever need for competitor prices. We are enabling all those properties with access to data that they were not able to afford before. brings prices from 70+ sources, in all currencies available for any required period of time, any length of stay. Our database holds over 2 million properties around the world.

Our Revenue Management team uses Google Data Studio visualisations to represent the data in the most easy to understand way. The ability to create visualisations allows us to be very easy in general and even easier in specific.

We invite all creators to contribute in creating or suggesting new visualisations that help hoteliers understand data better.

  • It’s the most affordable price shopper around. Prices start from as little as US$15 per month.
  • It’s very customizable dashboard can adapt to every user. Receive an email with summary and link to an already prepared dashboard or set the dashboard yourself
  • It’s Absolutely Convenient! This is the most convenient way to monitor prices when you don’t have time for it. Just open your email or click the link to the dashboard!

Our Motto: Price Analytics for everyone

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