image of a chameleon which is well known for adapting to the surrounding environment in much the same way hotels must adapt and change to stay ahead of industry trends

Adapting to Change: How Can Hotels Stay Ahead of Industry Trends?

Hotels are so multifaceted that adopting meaningful change is hard to do “from the top” without considering how different departments are going to absorb it

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What Are The Hospitality Trends For 2022?

From sustainability to staycations and greater focus on experiences, the key hospitality trends in 2022 we see are all focused around a new kind of guest

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Optimistic Movements in Hotel Demand and New Covid-19 Rates

We’ve seen optimistic movements in both hotel demand (searches) and the rate of new COVID-19 cases. Below we break down the top trends and updates by region

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Germany and Switzerland Register Positive Trends in Hotel Recovery

For the hotel sector, the last months felt like a dark tunnel with pale light at the end. Now, that never ending wait is finally transitioning to optimism

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