computer and dots showing distribution across globe

Our Point of View on the Modern Age Distribution Ecosystem

Today the realm of an effective distribution strategy exceeds beyond distributing rates and inventory between hotels and demand partners.

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keyhole in a blackboard with data algorithms written on the board showing shift in revenue management paradigm

Data Visualization: How to Unlock the Data Gold Mine

Refining your data visualization practices is paramount if delivering value to the end user in the form of actionable insights is your primary objective.

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Smart Shopping for Data: Driving Analytics Excellence in the Airlines Industry

With omnichannel marketing and sales the norm, data is the cornerstone of business enablement; and staying ahead of the competition is dependent on which player can monetize data effectively.

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Mr. Hotelier, Four Signs It is Time to Change your Distribution Partner

While technology, customer profiles and buying habits have changed dramatically, hoteliers have been sluggish in reviewing and revamping their distribution eco-systems

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business travel will come back post crisis

Challenges for Airline Revenue Managers Beyond 2020

Airlines face several static and dynamic challenges for which revenue managers are required to recalibrate their strategy in real-time. This brings a growing need for fresh data delivered quickly

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