offices or hotels connected by technology

7 Tactics to Keep your Hotel’s Distribution Healthy and Highly Profitable

If you find that your distribution connection hobbles your optimization efforts, then you may find that it’s time to try something new

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rms hotel travel tech mindset and importance of machine learning to hotel revenue management

Where Is Travel Tech Headed In The Post Crisis Era?

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, the global economy is still under shock and travel has only recovered to 40% of pre-COVID levels

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London skyline great advert for hoteliers and important for them to understand the revenue management trends to navigate the uk market

Strategies for Hoteliers to Get Back to Business for UK Market

In these difficult times, hoteliers must work collectively and make effective decisions, working towards building safe and functional strategies

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white chalk writing on a blackboard which says content is king

Watch Your Language! Content in the New Hospitality Landscape

In the Amazon era, consumers expect to be served relevant content or offers based on what they’re looking for. Poorly managed content makes it impossible

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hotels keeping Lights on during crisis

How can Hotels Keep Lights on During the Current Crisis!

It appears we are on the cusp of another recession. It’s time to get resilient. Here are tips on what hotels can do to keep the lights on over the upcoming weeks and months

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Social Media During COVID19 Tourism Brands That Got It Right

Social Media During COVID-19: Tourism Brands That Got It Right

Many companies have gone silent on social media. At the same time, there are some tourism brands not only leveraging social media to navigate through this pandemic, but also winning hearts

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5 hot air balloons with one rising higher than the other reflecting a hotel not relying on compsets for its pricing

Hoteliers, Spot New Markets to Create New Revenues Post COVID-19

The key is to keep an eye on evolving trends, take data-driven (and not panic-ridden) decisions, and build a foundation that allows hoteliers to tap into opportunities without missing a beat

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two chess pieces on different stacks of coins showing value of upselling

Rate Integrity: A Key Way to Increase Direct Bookings

Fixing revenue leakage is not just maintaining parity. The driving force is brand integrity and ability to change rates in-sync with market dynamics. Rate integrity aims to balance consistency and flexibility

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monopoly hotels on piles of coins which are increasing in size to illustrate increasing value of hotel upselling

Top 3 Rate Disparity Cases Acceptable to a Revenue Manager

With end-to-end rate integrity using analytics to track travel sellers’ flows, hotels ensure transparency across sales and distribution channels, including both accredited and unaccredited OTAs

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Why Choose Rate Intelligence Over Rate Shopping?

Why Choose Rate Intelligence Over Rate Shopping?

End-to-end rate integrity management using data analytics to track travel sellers’ flows is key to ensuring transparency across sales and distribution channels and must be a top priority

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