Little Hotelier

business group at a small hotel venue

Why Group Hotel Bookings are Good for your Small Hotel

Targeting group travellers is an ideal option for your small hotel, because it allows you to maximise your occupancy with one low-cost booking

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images of hotels on the hopper app reflecting why hotels should consider it as a legit source for reviews

Hopper Reviews: Is it Legit for Hotels?

Hopper hotel reviews are presented as ‘user ratings’ and your hotel is shown to all Hopper users who are searching for accommodation in your area

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sign showing rooms available reflecting importance for small hotels to really focus on effective revenue strategies

15 Tips for Small Hotels to Increase Revenue

There are a lot of strategies that can be used to increase hotel revenue – but it’s important to be focused and committed to the plans you make

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trivago logo for mirai article about their new net cpa on consumption offering

How to use Trivago Book & Go

Instead of sending users off to another site, Trivago Book & Go lets users book from within the Trivago site. It is a feature offered to certain hotels

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