Restaurant Forecasting 101 – How to Forecast Restaurant Sales

Restaurant forecasting helps restaurant owners make informed decisions for staffing, purchasing, profitability and helps foresee upcoming trends

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How to Use Future Demand Data and Optimize Revenue Management

We know previous hotel revenue management strategies can no longer be used as a guideline as the industry rebounds and restrictions continue to wreak havoc

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beachside telescope reflecting need for hotels while forecasting forward to utilise future demand data

Your Hotel’s 2019 Performance Lays the Foundation for Your 2022 Forecast

Any hotel which maintained underlying principles of revenue management throughout the pandemic are stronger and poised for profit as travel ramps up

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thumbnail image of coffee time discussion with apo demirtas of hoteliq about the way hotels forecast, why it is done wrong and is outdated

Why the Way Hotels Forecast is Wrong and Outdated

Welcome to another of our Coffee Time chats. Today we talk about the way Hotels Forecast and why the current method is wrong and outdated

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Intelligent Revenue Management: 3 Reasons Why Automation is Your Friend

Intelligent revenue management is not designed to replace human expertise. It is developed to help experts focus data insights that which affect forecasts

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Forecasting F&B: The Missing Piece of the Revenue Pie

Revenue management has evolved from tactical to strategic and from rooms revenue to total revenue and profitability; F&B forecasting is the next frontier

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Improving the Accuracy of Forecasts: Time to Ditch Gut Feeling Approach

Hotels are awash with valuable structured and unstructured data providing profitable insights that can help revenue managers create forecasts

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Is The Future Of Forecasting Clear For Revenue Managers in Car Rental?

It is essential for Revenue Managers to forecast demand by carefully analyzing multiple parameters such as fleet type, season, location, etc.

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video image discussion around getting predictive and moving beyond Bi and forward looking data

Get Predictive: Moving Beyond BI and Forward Looking Data

In this discussion we consider how data analysis can go beyond business intelligence and forward looking data and explore predictive algorithms through AI

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hotel revenue management demand forecasting is like adding pieces to a jigsaw puzzle

Forecasting Uncertainty – The Metric We Need

Forecasting uncertainty is important for pricing and it’s important for the cost-benefit analysis that an RMS needs to make on behalf of the clients

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