Duetto Revenue Strategy Forum (London)

Spend a day engaging with industry leaders and discussing the driving forces of the future of the hospitality industry. Save your space now for Revenue Strategy Forum 2019. Click here […]

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Data Quality Vital To Total Revenue Forecasting

Why Can’t Hotels Drive Rates?

The firm has predicted that hotel occupancy in the US will rise to 66.2% in 2019 – a fifth straight record level. That occupancy will be driven by a 2.1% increase in demand, although this will be somewhat rebalanced with a 1.9% increase in hotel supply.

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2019: The Year Hotels Get a Grip on Acquisition Costs

Examining the challenges and opportunities facing hoteliers in 2019, it might be easy to say, “New year, same old story.” In attempts to drive revenue and increase profitability, hoteliers—like they have for seemingly the past decade—continue to focus on less costly ways to acquire guests.

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