building blocks reflecting the importance for hotels to create a commercial strategy that will drive revenue

How to Create a Commercial Mindset that Will Drive Revenue

A commercial culture should be instinctual, something that is not only deeply embedded in the company but also entwined in the DNA of every single employee

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lightbulb in the centre of 6 circles with lines pointing towards it illustrating how a commercial strategy platform can pull together different sources of data and provide insights to aid strategic decisions

Commercial Strategy Platform: Linking Revenue, Sales and Marketing

A commercial strategy platform provides each discipline with actionable recommendations, ensuring strategic impact on hotel revenue

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Will AI Finally Drive Innovation In Hotel Commercial Strategy?

Let’s explore how AI might help solve these other nagging Commercial Strategy challenges that just won’t seem to go away

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New Data Sources To Help Commercial Teams Make Better Decisions

The need for data continues to evolve as we focus on the digital first guest and their ever evolving needs. Meaningful data has many advantages for hotels

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How Post-Pandemic Commercial Teams Can Bridge Silos

The inevitability of business evolution is apparent in the way business silos have transformed from the days before a revenue manager

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