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Business Intelligence: Turn Data into Dollars [Event Replay]

Wondering what Business Intelligence solutions are & how they can help optimize your revenue management strategy? Confused about all the high-tech buzzwords

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How to Diversify Hotel Revenue Using Business Intelligence

Hotel managers who already have BI software should be challenged to think more creatively about its use and ability to drive property revenue

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fornova who are we expert partner

Fornova “Who Are We” – Welcoming our Latest Expert Partner

We are delighted to welcome Fornova as an Expert Partner of Revenue Hub. In this “Who Are We” video we are joined by Dori Stein – CEO

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keyhole in a blackboard with data algorithms written on the board showing shift in revenue management paradigm

Data Visualization: How to Unlock the Data Gold Mine

Refining your data visualization practices is paramount if delivering value to the end user in the form of actionable insights is your primary objective.

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4 Tips to Improve Your Marketing Mix with Hospitality Business Intelligence

When hotel sales and marketing professionals arrive at work each day, they’re greeted with a deep and wide array of intricate challenges on the path to turn lookers into bookers: […]

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Using BI to Create a More Profitable 2020

Brilliant autumn leaves and that slight nip in the air signal the start of the fall season, and right along with it comes the start of hotel budget season. NB: […]

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Leveraging the Right Data for Hotel Business Intelligence

What data is relevant what data is not relevant and should not be included? This ranks as one of the top challenges with business intelligence, according to hotel operators.

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BI: Open the Cookie Jar to Solve Your Revenue Pain Points

Business Intelligence, BI, is the key to your success! In order to use all the data revenue managers have, we must first understand the data that is available and then focus on how to use it.

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Why Do Hotels Need Business Intelligence Tools?

Data is everywhere. In our computers, in our phones, in the cloud, and virtually every kind of system or software that records information. Let’s just say there is a lot […]

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How BI Connects Revenue Management and the Hotel Ecosystem

The data and analytics capabilities of a hotel business intelligence (BI) tool provide foundational support for today’s cutting-edge revenue management solutions. NB: This is an article from Rainmaker Working together, […]

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