Chinese Millennials more tech-reliant than other young travellers

Technology plays a crucial role in the planning and booking of trips for Chinese Millennials, says a recent study on the travel behaviours and attitudes of the Chinese millennial traveller. […]

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European MICE demand for China resurges

Favourable factors like Europe’s improving economy and China’s 72-hour visa-free transit policy for more than 50 countries are fuelling demand for longhaul MICE into China. China may have become more […]

Read more bows out of the online travel market

SUCCUMBING to the competitive market of online hotel bookings, Singapore-based has folded after seven years of losses, said a local report. According to Singapore daily Today,’s staff were notified […]

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Report on behaviour and attitudes of Chinese millennial travellers

The average trip spend for Chinese millennial travellers internationally was EUR 1,200, with 14% reportedly spending more than EUR 3,000. Compared to other millennial travellers, Chinese millennials are particularly likely […]

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Business travel rates to hold firm for 2015

HOTEL and airfare rates will remain relatively flat in 2015 as cooler economic growth in Asia-Pacific (APAC) and forces of supply and demand exert pressure on a region that has […]

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Why revenue management talent is Asia Pacific’s big issue

With new hotels going up across APAC, the dearth of revenue management professionals is a concern. Pamela Whitby reports It is impossible to talk about growth in online travel, especially […]

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Gaming, economy spark Philippines hotel boom

The Asian country is set for a 28% increase in hotel rooms, due to a growing economy, new gaming and entertainment projects and interest among global hotel companies. The Philippines […]

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Hong Kong hotels hold steady performance

A major pillar of Hong Kong’s economy, the tourism industry contributed to 4.9% of Hong Kong’s gross domestic product and employed approximately 270,000 people in 2013. That represents 7.2% of […]

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APAC rising: why the balance of power in online travel is shifting east

Stunning landscapes and cultural spectacles coupled with rising incomes and a growing propensity to travel has seen Asia-Pacific fire the imagination of the online travel industry. Today APAC represents 25% […]

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