This free report presents our first-party data on the most common topics of hotel guests’ questions in the summer of 2023.

NB: This is a guide from HiJiffy, one of our Expert Partners

We believe the insights presented in this publication can empower your hotel teams to review and improve information about your hotel and be better prepared for the next peak season.

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The challenge of staying on top of all incoming questions from travellers and guests is a hot topic in the hospitality industry and one of the prominent paint points. The volume of work keeps on increasing due to peak demand, opening up new communication channels to meet guests’ expectations, and having fewer team members available to manage it all due to staff shortages in hospitality.

In this HiJiffy report on guest queries, you’ll find answers to some burning questions:

  • Why do prospective guests have so many questions about their stay?
  • What matters the most in guest communications?
  • What gets in the way?
  • Why is conversational AI so beneficial to hotels?

And finally:

  • What are the most common questions asked by travellers and hotel guests?

At HiJiffy, we work towards the mission of developing the most advanced conversational AI for hospitality. Over 1,800 hotels in 50+ countries around the globe use our Guest Communications Hub to automate responding to incoming queries across the entire guest journey, 24/7, in 130+ languages, and across the most popular social media platforms and messaging apps.

Now, let’s dive into guest queries:

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